Industrial Packing, Crating, Transloading, Sufferance, Corrosion Protection, Shrink-Wrapping

We recognize these are very hard times for many people. Our hearts go out to you. We are practicing safe procedures such as mask-wearing, social distancing, and hand sanitizing. We hope our world can get back on its feet as soon as possible.

40_years_experienceCratex Group was first established in 1975 and since then has become the industry leader in Industrial Packing, Crating, Transloading, Sufferance, Corrosion Protection and Shrink-Wrapping services in the Metro Vancouver area. Cratex is home to specialized technologies and state-of-the-art facilities for all your shipping across Canada and around the world.

We have the equipment to provide our services efficiently and professionally, including a forklift with up to a 90,000 lbs lifting capacity, and two more 40,000 lb forklifts. And we can accept import goods for Transloading and North American distribution from anywhere in the world.

Industrial Packing & Crating for Export Goods

packing and crating a grand pianoWe are proud to say we are professionals when it comes to blocking and bracing items for all kinds of shipments. We have a reputation for our expertise in crating difficult goods, from an entire factory of heavy machinery to highly sensitive items such as fine art and musical instruments. We have the craftsmanship and technology to pack and crate your goods for shipping whether by land, sea or air.

Our association with INPRO, a worldwide association of independent packing companies, allows us to provide packing solutions in most areas of the world. We know what’s going on around the world in the packing and crating industry, and bring those technologies and systems home to you. We are also have the proper equipment to prepare goods for export on-location anywhere in the Metro Vancouver area.

Industrial Packing and Transloading - Facilities in Delta B.C.

We are approved by the CFIA (Canadian Food Inspection Agency) for adherence to regulations aimed at preventing the spread of insects. We strictly adhere to the ISPM (International Standards For Phytosanitary Measures) #15 Guidelines for Regulating Wood Packing Material used in International Trade. You can be confident that when we pack and crate an item our work always conforms to International Regulations.

Specialized Transloading Equipment for Import Goods

Cratex TransloadingWe utilize industrial application panel saws, cut-off saws, wall jigs and pneumatic nailers in our crating, blocking, and bracing process.

Transloading is becoming very popular with importers because it saves time and money. With our specialized equipment and highly trained staff we have become the preferred location for quickly destuffing containers and transferring the contents for shipping out via truck.

Cutting-Edge Corrosion Protection
Cortec VpCI®_logoCratex is the Western Canadian Distributor for Cortec Corrosion Protection products. Cortec is the leader in their field. All of their products are from renewable sources so they are as neutral and environmentally friendly as possible. If you are interested in Cratex’s Corrosion Protection you can find more information by contacting us directly or by visiting our Corrosion Protection page.

Unsurpassed Shrink-Wrapping Expertise
shrink wrapping a helicopter to for corrosion preventionWe have years of experience in shrink wrapping and vacuum packing your freight. Our customers have found shrink wrapping to be cost-effective and reliable. It prevents sliding, protects from the elements, keeps your packages together, is good for shipping unusual shapes. If you are interested in our cutting-edge shrink wrapping technology you can find more information by contacting us directly or by visiting our Shrink Wrapping page

Licenced Sufferance Facility
Cratex is a licensed sufferance facility used by the Canadian Border Services Agency to risk assess and release some imported goods coming into Canada. If you are interested in Cratex’s sufferance facility you can find more information by contacting us directly or by visiting our sufferance page.