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Western Canada's Original Export Packing & Crating Company

Cratex Facility
Cratex Export Packing
Cratex Custom Crates
Cratex Transloading


Our modern office with 40,000 square feet of warehouse and manufacturing space on a four acre yard is in the geographic heart of Greater Vancouver with easy access...

Export Packing

Export packing and crating has always been our primary focus. From packing the smallest, most delicate piece of instrumentation or art, to the largest equipment or project…

Custom Crates

Cratex is a leading western Canadian supplier of custom-built empty wood crates. The same attention and detail we give to every other product and service we supply goes into…


We are an industry leader in the loading, blocking and bracing of heavy, oversized cargo. Cratex has also become a preferred facility for de-stuffing containers…

Cratex Shrink Wrapping
Cratex Corrosion Control
Cratex Affiliations

Customs Warehouse

Cratex has been approved by Canada Border Services to operate as a licensed bonded and sufferance warehouse facility. The next time you require temporary storage of in-bond import…

Shrink Wrapping

We can shrink wrap items for shipment by sea, road, or rail, protecting them with heavy-duty UV resistant plastic that seals off your precious cargo from environmental factors such as...

Corrosion Control

As the western Canada agent for Cortec® corrosion inhibiting products, we can provide valuable solutions for the protection of your items from corrosion damage...


Cratex is certified by, and a member of, various associations, allowing us to remain at the forefront of export packing methods, technologies and services…

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