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Cratex Industrial Packing was established in 1975 in North Vancouver, BC by Joe Pusch. Utilizing space rented from a large terminal facility, the operation featured an old wooden shed, a used table saw, used circular saws, lots of hammers and nails, and some eager and capable carpenters. This initial crew was full of optimism and enthusiasm.


A well-respected pioneer in the export packing and crating industry, Joe built Cratex from the ground up with integrity, loyalty and customer service excellence. We are who we are today because of the solid foundation Joe laid from the outset of our existence. 

Cratex Industrial Packing
Cratex Industrial Packing
1975 packing and crating

Our Journey So Far

Cratex Industrial Packing


With expansion came the need for more space. Cratex made a big move, building new facilities in Coquitlam, BC. We combined office and our packing and crating operation under one roof.


This decade also saw the growth of the Cratex Group of Companies, adding Cratex Industries (Edmonton), Cratex Container Services, and Cratex Trailer Services to the family. This expansion necessitated the addition of a 5 acre ocean cargo container storage yard, facilities for container repairs, container refurbishments and sales, as well as container chassis sales, repairs and government inspections.

Additionally, due to the demand for hauling containers locally, Cratex added a fleet of trucks and trailers.

Cratex Industrial Packing


With continued growth, the need for space increased. Once again a consolidation took place in the form of new facilities in Coquitlam. A modern, purpose-built facility was constructed to house all our operations under one roof. This included a massive 10 acre, paved container storage facility as well the addition of a dispatch office for the trucking division.

The Cratex Group of Companies continued to grow, forcing the decision for Cratex Industrial Packing to move into its own facilities, once again in Coquitlam.

Cratex Industrial Packing


The early part of this century saw the consolidation of Cratex back to its roots, namely export packing and crating. The other companies were sold or wound down in order to focus on the core business.

Cratex Industrial Packing has always prided itself on looking after the needs of its customers. This attention to detail makes Cratex the supplier of choice and enabled it to continue to grow.

Cratex Industrial Packing

2010's & Beyond

With almost four decades under it’s belt, Cratex once again came to a place of re-evaluating its premises. With the increasing population in the Vancouver area came more traffic, making the Coquitlam location less than ideal. Once more, the decision was taken to move, this time to Delta, BC.

A purpose-built facility was constructed, adding all the modern amenities expected to be present for a leading export packing and crating company. The location’s proximity to the Port of Vancouver’s docks as well as to the US Border has made the current location of Cratex ideal to service its customers.

As we enter a new decade, we may not know what exactly it will look like. However, no matter what happens, we will continue to meet the needs and challenges of our customers with expert solutions and exceptional service. After almost 50 years in business, we know what it takes to be western Canada’s leading export packing and crating company.

1975 packing and crating
Cratex Industrial Packing
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