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Packing and Crating Professionals since 1975 | ISPM-15 Certified Crates for Export  

Cratex specializes in building the safest packaging solutions customized precisely to meet your needs. With a dedicated focus on safety, we have the expertise to ensure that your goods heavy, valuable or delicate are adequately packed securely, safely, in compliance with international shipping standards. 

From packing and crating the smallest, most delicate piece of instrumentation, art, or antique, to the largest heavy industrial equipment or project, the trained packing experts at Cratex will handle and prepare your shipment with the care and attention it requires.


crating a car for export


Crating refers to the process of placing items, typically goods or cargo, into a sturdy wooden box or crate for protection during transportation. It involves constructing a wooden enclosure around the items to shield them from damage and ensure safe transit. Crating is commonly used in shipping to safeguard fragile or valuable items from external elements and handling challenges.

At Cratex, when it comes to international shipping, thorough packing, crating and moisture protection are typically essential. This is due to the extended transit times, exposure to humid conditions, and the frequent handling and re-handling that your valuable cargo experiences during transit.

crating a motorcycle for shipping


 While export packing and crating is simply the process of preparing goods for international shipping, Cratex packing process is crucial to protect your goods from damage, comply with international shipping regulations and facilitating smooth shipping, handling and unloading process. 

  • Cratex uses high-quality packaging materials suitable for international shipping. This includes certified wooden crates, foam padding, bubble wrap, and other protective materials for proper cushioning and bracing techniques to absorb shocks and vibrations which occurs during transit. 

  • For heavy, fragile, valuable or irregular shaped items, we construct wooden crates to fit the specific dimensions and requirements of the items being shipped, providing maximum protection.

  • Given the potential exposure to different weather conditions during international shipping, we  shrink-wrap, and install desiccant to protect goods from moisture. 

  • Different countries have specific requirements, we pack and crate shipment to adhere to international shipping regulations and guidelines.


With many thousands of items successfully packaged by our team of professionals, Cratex offers three distinct levels of export packing and crating service, providing a comprehensive suite of solutions, catering to a wide range of needs and ensuring the safest and efficient transport of goods.

Customized Packaging Technique 

Upon arrival at our specialized facility, Cratex technicians conduct a thorough inspection to determine the optimal approach to crating and packing. We assess the level of protection needed for both crate strength and undercarriage, as well as consider potential environmental hazards during transit. We proceed with a customized packing techniques based on item fragility, value, and weight.

  • We reduce risk of damage by specifically designing a crate for the items they contain.

  • Block, brace and strapping techniques to minimize item shift or move during transit. 

  • On-sight / offsite export packing services are provided by our team of expert 

crating industrial equipment

We Ensure Your Product's Safety

Our proficiency encompasses a thorough inspection and meticulous protection of your products to guarantee precise and expert packing. We implement tailored protection strategies based on the unique requirements of your shipment.

  • Our services encompass a comprehensive range of protective measures, including full perimeter clear poly wrap, desiccant placement, and product-specific protection as needed.

  • For specific needs, we provide Cortec wrap, removable panels, and customized secure options, tailoring our approach to each commodity's requirements.

  • Our crating and export packing services offer a variety of protective choices, including barrier foil, vacuum packing, and hermetically sealing options to ensure the utmost security for your products.

Documentation Support and Compliance with ISPM 15 Standards

Ensuring correct documentation for your shipment is a crucial aspect of the process, and our experience enables us to assist you in guaranteeing that the appropriate paperwork accompanies your shipment, thereby eliminating potential delays.

Our professional wooden crates are designed to withstand the challenges of multiple modes of transport, minimizing the risk of damage during transit. Additionally, we take careful consideration in the design and construction of our crates, anticipating the possibility of handling by less sophisticated equipment. All critical lift points are clearly marked to ensure the safe and proper handling of crated cargo.

  • ISPM 15 compliance for all our export wood packaging materials and wood crates.

  • Export packing and crating services tailored for air, sea, rail, and road freight.

  • Custom-built, bespoke wooden packaging, including pallets, skids, or shipping crates designed for each consignment.

Certified Crate


Benefiting from almost 50 years of experience in international wood packaging, we understand the critical importance of ISPM 15 wood packaging compliance for international shipping. Cratex's wood are ISPM 15 certified for export.
Our commitment to prevention of pest spread is of utmost importance. Regardless of your decision, while searching for wooden crates for export or international shipping, we strongly encourage you to verify the presence of the heat treatment stamp (HT), similar to ours, to ensure compliance with ISPM 15 standards.
ISPM 15, (International Standards for Phytosanitary Measures), emphasizes the treatment of wooden packaging materials to prevent the spread of pests and diseases.


Crates, skids, and pallets are distinct forms of export packaging and transport platforms, each serving different purposes in logistics and shipping:


A crate is an enclosed wooden or metal structure with solid sides, top, and bottom. It provides complete protection and is commonly used for fragile or valuable items. Crates are typically nailed or screwed together and offer secure containment.


A skid is a single-deck loading platform that lacks a bottom deck. It is often made of wood and is designed to be lifted from the sides using a forklift or pallet jack. Skids are suitable for heavy or oversized items that require bottom support but do not necessarily need a fully enclosed structure.


A pallet is a flat structure with both a top and bottom deck, providing support for goods. Pallets are commonly used for easy handling with forklifts, pallet jacks, or conveyors. They come in various sizes and designs, such as two-way or four-way entry, and are widely employed in warehouses and for the transport of goods.

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