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Oversized, Heavy machinery Loading for Ocean Shipping 

As leaders in the industry, we understand the critical role that proper container loading plays in the success of ocean export shipping. we offer a variety of loading solutions that provide unique opportunities for you, freight forwarders and companies involved in the shipment of heavy, oversized, or fragile items for ocean shipping.


We leverage our expertise in specialized packing techniques to strategically load, secure and optimize container space, as well as, secure cargo into 20', 40' dry, open tops, and flat rack containers to ensure that your cargo travels safely.


container loading in vancouver
container loading a car


Container loading involves maximizing the use of container space to its full weight capacity. In the context of shipping, (which relies heavily on optimizing container space to its maximum weight capacity), this means strategically loading items into containers and selecting the appropriate container type based on the nature of the cargo. 

Container loading is the key to ensuring the safety and undamaged of your valuable shipment during voyage and transit. Our primary objective is to secure your shipment from the rigors of transportation, handling and unloading as well as offering the best environmental protection solutions available.

"For particularly complex, heavy and OVERSIZED equipment, Cratex are experts and experienced in handling, loading, blocking and bracing cargo for Ocean or Rail export. we guarantee top-notch services that prioritize the protection of your equipment throughout the shipping process."

Cratex Container Loading Solutions for Export Shipping:

  • Safe and Secure Transit: Our specialization lies in loading, blocking, bracing and securing heavy, oversized cargo securely onto containers, employing practices that ensure each piece is firmly secured to withstand the rigors of ocean or rail transit.

  • Tailored Container Selection for Ocean Shipments: We guide you in choosing the right container type, considering factors such as the type of cargo, to optimize space usage and minimize the risk of damage during ocean shipping.

  • Cost-Efficient Shipping Solutions: Weight distribution is paramount. We load your cargo to the maximum weight capacity of the container, and also distribute the cargo weight promoting efficiency and cost-effectiveness in ocean shipping.

  • Heavy Lifting Capacity: With a lifting capacity of over 100,000 pounds, our investment in heavy duty forklifts and container handler allows us to load virtually any type of cargo. Additionally, with over 4 acres of paved and secured property, we have the space to easily load and unload shipments.

  • Compliance with SOLAS (Safety of Life at Sea) mandated regulations concerning Verified Gross Mass (VGM), we have installed the necessary weighing mechanisms to produce VGM certificates, which are now required for all export containers.

  • Export declaration documents for SSL. 


Calculating Container Load for Shipping:

Understanding how to calculate container load is fundamental for successful shipping. We utilize advanced human methods to determine the most efficient arrangement of your cargo within the container, ensuring not only the safety of your cargo but also the streamlined execution of the shipping logistics.

loading heavy machinery in flat rack


Heavy Machinery Container Loading

Our team comprises skilled professionals with over 48 years extensive experience in loading heavy machinery to containers for international shipping. We are well-versed in the unique requirements and challenges associated with exporting large, heavy, and valuable equipment via ocean or rail.


We utilize specialized lifting equipment tailored to the dimensions and weight of the heavy machinery. This task requires careful planning, specialized equipment, and skilled personnel to ensure the safety of the machinery.

heavy machinery loading
standard cotainer loading

Cargo Container Loading

No two pieces of cargo are alike.

That's why we offer customized loading solutions tailored to the specific dimensions, weight, and shape of your shipment.


We use proper block and brace techniques to safeguard all cargo during shipping using sturdy wood that comply with ISMP-15  international shipping standards, constructing sturdy wooden frames around the cargo, protecting against impacts and other potential hazards. This additional layer of protection ensures the safety of your cargo during transit.

contianer loading

Loading, Blocking, Bracing and Securing 

We utilize a comprehensive approach to safeguard your heavy machinery during transit by implementing secure strapping, bracing, and immobilization techniques. Our meticulous methods are designed to prevent any movement, ensuring that your valuable equipment reaches its destination intact and without the risk of damage or the occurrence of loose parts. Your peace of mind is our priority, and our commitment to precision and care in handling ensures a seamless and secure transportation experience for your heavy machinery.

heavy equipment loading


Flat rack containers provide a versatile option for shipping oversized or irregularly shaped industrial equipment. The machinery is securely fastened onto the Flat rack and loaded onto the vessel for transportation. It offers flexibility including versatility, customization, cost efficiency, and improved safety.
Flat Rack is Cratex preferred method if you are seeking flexibility and adaptability in packing solutions for any heavy, oversized equipment. The open sides and ends of flat rack containers simplify the loading and unloading process.

heavy vehicle loading

WHY CRATEX container loading services?


Navigating export regulations can be complex. We take the hassle out of the process by ensuring that your cargo loading complies with international standards and regulations, facilitating smooth clearance. Cratex is certified by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency for strict adherence to ISPM #15 international protocol. 

ispm 15 certified


We offer the best environmental protection solutions with our weatherproofing options to safeguard your cargo against environmental elements. Our packaging solutions include corrosion protection, shrink-wrapping to shield your cargo from rain, snow, and other internal and external factors. 

heavy machinery loading

Are you shipping heavy, irregular
shaped or oversized cargo?

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