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Container Loading & Transloading

Cratex Container Loading & Transloading
Cratex Container Loading & Transloading
Cratex Container Loading & Transloading
Cratex Container Loading & Transloading

Container Loading

Due to the size and nature of some consignments, they are best shipped utilizing ocean cargo containers. Cratex is an industry leader in the loading, blocking and bracing of heavy, oversized and hard-to-handle cargo into 20-foot and 40-foot dry, open top and flat rack containers.

With a lifting capacity of over 100,000 pounds, our investment in heavy duty forklifts and container handler allows us to load virtually any type of cargo. Additionally, with over 4 acres of paved and secured property, we have the space to easily load and unload shipments.

The trained experts at Cratex will assess the best way to load, block and brace your shipment for safe transport to its destination. Whether by road, rail or sea, we will give our attention to protecting your shipment from the rigours of transport as well as offering the best environmental protection solutions available. Cratex is certified by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency for strict adherence to ISPM #15 protocol. 

Additionally, in order to comply with SOLAS (Safety of Life at Sea) mandated regulations concerning Verified Gross Mass (VGM), we have installed the necessary weighing mechanisms to produce VGM certificates, which are now required for all export containers.


Transferring goods from one mode of transportation to another can save your business time and money, and is the best way to handle goods for import wherever possible. As space at the Greater Vancouver docks is at a premium, operators will not usually remove contents from containers or flat racks on site. De-stuffing containers near the dock and sending the goods to points outside the Lower Mainland via truck is significantly more cost effective than sending the loaded container out and having to bring it back empty.

With our heavy lifting equipment, trained personnel, and modern facility centrally located with easy access to the various docks in the Lower Mainland, Cratex has become a preferred facility for de-stuffing containers and sending contents out via truck. As an added service, we can also arrange for local container drayage as well as transportation to the final destination. 

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