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Customs Sufferance & Bonded Warehouse

customs bonded warehouse
customs bonded warehouse
cratex industrial packing

Cratex has been granted certification by the Canada Border Service Agency (CBSA), authorizing it to operate as a licensed Sufferance and Bonded Warehouse  Facility (License No. 809 CW 5607) and a licensed Customs Bonded Warehouse Facility (License No. 809 BD 035). Companies shipping goods to Canada can take advantage of either of these storage services for their shipments. 


When goods are imported into Canada, it’s the job of CBSA to ensure they’re legal and legitimate. This is usually carried out at the border as soon as the carrier arrives, but when immediate clearance isn’t possible, goods can move to a licensed bonded warehouse in Canada instead. By storing your goods in either a bonded or sufferance warehouse, you can defer paying customs duty, excise taxes, and anti-dumping duty. 

If your goods are eligible, sufferance storage services can be used for short-term storage (40 days or less). Bonded storage, however, is perfect for long-term storage (up to 4 years). Licensed to provide either service, Cratex is your best option when importing goods to Canada. Our proximity to the US border and central location in the Vancouver area allows for easy delivery to our premises.

Once your shipment arrives at our location, your goods are protected in our secure, fenced and electronically-monitored storage facility. There is plenty of room for trucks to be loaded and unloaded utilizing heavy lift equipment. 

What is Customs Bonded Facility?

A Customs Bonded warehouse refers to a designated location or facility that is legally authorized by customs authorities for the storage, processing, and handling of goods under customs control.  The term "Customs Bonded" typically involves the requirement of a customs bond, which is a financial guarantee that ensures compliance with customs regulations and payment of duties and taxes.

Customs Bonded warehouses or areas provide a secure environment for storing goods that have not yet undergone customs clearance. This allows for the temporary storage of imported goods before they are released into the domestic market, re-exported, or subjected to further processing or manufacturing. The customs bond ensures that the government collects the appropriate duties and taxes even if the goods are not immediately released into the local economy.

Some key points about Cratex's Bonded  Warehouse:

  1. Temporary Storage: We provide a temporary storage solution for goods that have arrived in Canada but have not yet been officially cleared by customs.

  2. Customs Procedures: While in our warehouse, the imported goods are subject to customs inspections, documentation checks, and any other procedures required by customs authorities.

  3. Inspection: We contact Customs for inspection of goods that requires custom's clearance at our facility.

  4. Flexibility: Cratex Sufferance Warehouse offer flexibility for businesses, freight forwarders and importers, allowing them to defer customs clearance until they are ready to proceed with the necessary formalities.

As an export packing and transloading facility, we are aware of and comply with the regulations surrounding bonded and sufferance warehouses in order to facilitate the smooth movement of  your goods through customs procedures.

In-Bond Shipment or CBSA Inspection?

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