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Crating a Genset for export shipment

Crating heavy machinery requires careful planning, meticulous attention to detail, and a deep understanding of the challenges involved in transporting large and sensitive equipment.

Cratex achieved remarkable success in crating a heavy 55,000 lbs genset.

The meticulous planning and execution by our experienced team ensured that the genset was securely packed to withstand the rigors of ocean transportation. Employing industry-leading crating techniques, we optimized the packaging to guarantee the safe delivery of the heavy machinery. Our commitment to excellence and attention to detail not only safeguarded the genset but also resulted in a seamless export process, showcasing Cratex's expertise in handling large-scale and complex shipments.


This success story highlights our dedication to providing reliable and tailored crating solutions for even the most challenging cargo.


crating and packaging a bike

When it comes to shipping valuable cargo, "One size does not fit all". Cratex takes a tailored approach to packaging and crating, considering the specific dimensions and fragility of each bike.


Leveraging our expertise in precision crating, our skilled team meticulously designed and crafted a tailored solution to ensure the utmost protection for this high-performance machine.


Implementing top-notch wooden packaging techniques, we created a custom crate that not only met but exceeded the stringent standards required for international shipping. The result was not just secure transportation but a showcase of Cratex's commitment to preserving the integrity of valuable and delicate cargo.


This success underscores our ability to provide specialized crating solutions for unique and high-value items, establishing Cratex as a trusted partner in the logistics and export industry.



The Challenge:
With its enormous size and weight, we were faced with ensuring stability (weight distribution), safety, and adequate protection to prevent shock and vibration during transit. It was clear we needed a customized packaging solution that could handle these complex aspects.

💡 The Innovation:
Our team of experts meticulously measured, planned and crafted a specialized wooden crate designed to snugly protect and secure this delicate and heavy masterpiece. Reinforced with a customized crating protocol, and an intelligent load distribution optimization strategy combined with blocking and bracing safety techniques that ensured it endured the toughest journey.

⚙️ The Precision:
Internally, custom cushioning and padding were engineered to securely hold the unit in place, eliminating any chance of movement during transit. Every angle, every brace, is meticulously designed for maximum stability taking into consideration how the unit will be removed upon arrival at its destination.
Also considering the potential impact of climate conditions, like extreme temperatures or moisture levels, we added an extra layer to provide maximum protection to the unit.

🛤️ The Journey:
Coordinating the logistics of moving such a massive crate, often requires specialized lifting equipment and transport vehicles.

Thanks to our dedicated logistics partner who moved this massive crate safely to its destination.


crating and packing a 7 seater bicycle


At Cratex, we pride ourselves on delivering unparalleled custom packing and crating solutions tailored to the unique needs of each item entrusted to our care. Here is a throwback testament to our expertise – the meticulous handling and expert packing of a 19th Century Seven-Seater Pace Bicycle.

The arrival of the 1800s Seven-Seater Pace Bike presented a distinctive challenge and an opportunity to showcase our commitment to precision and craftsmanship. Beyond its racing legacy, this bicycle was destined for a new life as a sculpture, and our task was to ensure it was safe and secured during shipping.

Given the unique seven-seater design of the pace bike, standard crating solution simply wouldn't suffice. Our team crafted a custom crating solution, tailoring it to the bike's dimensions and intricacies. Each element was delicately secured within the custom crate to safeguard against shocksvibrations, and environmental factors. The crate not only provided structural support but also incorporated padding and reinforcement in vulnerable areas.

This customized approach guaranteed the safe transportation of the pace bike, setting the stage for the preservation of the bike's historical integrity.



🌟 So Why Choose Cratex? 
Expertise: Decades of experience in handling unique artifacts.
Custom Solutions: Tailoring our approach to each item's specific requirements.
Preservation Priority: A commitmen
t to preserving historical integrity.
Artistic Collaboration: Supporting the intersection of history and contemporary art.

🔗 Connect with US:
If you have any shipment (valuable art, delicate equipment, heavy irregular shaped machinery) for shipping or preservation, Cratex is here to provide the expertise and customized packaging and crating solutions you need.


It was an exciting day for the Cratex logistics team. After successfully completing a transloading project through careful planning, coordination, and teamwork, we reduced delivery time, boost productivity and kept the supply chain moving.
Our success is attributed to our transloading solutions that added flexibility into the supply chain of this project.

With limited days to return empty containers back to the port, we transloaded fragile loads from over 37 containers within 3 days and returned all empty containers back within the given timeframe while providing efficient outbound services that ensured safe transfer of goods to their destination. We benefit from our facilities’ close proximity to major ports and leverage our connection to navigate the import process quickly and efficiently.

No matter how big, or small, your project is, engaging a company that fully understands “efficiency” in the supply chain process is a necessity in today’s global market. 🤝

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