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Export Packing Professionals since 1975 | ISPM-15 Certified Crates for Export  

Are you looking for hassle-free motorcycle shipping services?


Look no further! Our expert team specializes in crating motorcycles for safe and secure transportation to destinations near and far.


Whether you're relocating, selling, or purchasing a motorcycle, trust us to handle your prized possession with the utmost care.


The Importance of Crating Motorcycles for Shipping

Shipping a motorcycle is no small feat, especially when it comes to ensuring its safety, security, and condition during transit. While various methods are available, crating—a technique that involves securing your motorcycle within a custom-built wooden crate—has gained significant popularity among bike owners seeking a higher level of protection.

Crating a Motorcycle offers several benefits such as:
#1: Unmatched Protection for a Motorcycle Shipping
#2: Securing Fragile Components
#3: Customized Protection
#4: Weather and Environmental Protection
#5: Reduce the Risk of Damage

Many Motorcycles / Bikes arrives damage at destination, Crating your valuable Bike offers the highest level of protection during transit.


crating a motorcycle for shipping


Custom Crating: Our team will carefully measure and craft a custom ISPM-15 certified wooden crate designed specifically for your motorcycle, ensuring a secure fit and maximum protection during transit.

Product Protection: Cratex uses high-quality packaging materials suitable for shipping. This includes certified wooden crates, foam padding, bubble wrap, shrink-wrapping and other protective materials for proper cushioning and bracing techniques to absorb shocks and vibrations which occurs during transit. 

Pickup and Delivery: We offer convenient pickup and delivery options to accommodate your schedule. Whether you need door-to-door service or prefer to drop off your motorcycle at one of our locations, we've got you covered.

Documentation Support and Compliance with International Standards: Ensuring correct documentation for your shipment is a crucial aspect of the process, and our experience enables us to assist you in guaranteeing that the appropriate paperwork accompanies your shipment, thereby eliminating potential delays.

International Shipping: Planning to ship your motorcycle overseas? We have extensive experience in international shipping. 


Export packing and crating services for air, sea, rail, and road freight.


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