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Trade Show Crates: 3 Things to Know About Cratex's Custom Wooden Crates.

Ever marveled at how quickly trade show booths come together? Cratex Trade Show Crates play a big role. They're designed for efficient unloading and setup, saving valuable time in the showroom.

What are Trade Show Crates?

Cratex's Trade show crates are specialized wooden crates used to transport and store exhibit materials and displays for #tradeshows, #exhibitions, and events.

custom trade show crate

Here are three important things to know about trade show crates:

Customized for your Specific Needs:
  • Cratex's Trade show crates are typically custom-built to fit specific exhibit materials, ensuring a secure and efficient transport process. Whether it's banners, signage, booth components, or promotional materials, these crates are designed to provide a snug fit, minimizing any potential for movement or damage during transit.

  • The interior of the crate may have compartments, padding, or foam inserts tailored to the exact dimensions of the items being transported. This minimizes movement and prevents damage during transit.

Holding a trade show crate
Wooden Crates Materials and Durability: Built to last
  • Our crates are constructed from wood lumber. Wood is a common choice due to its sustainability, strength, stability, and resistance to damage.

  • Cratex crates are designed to withstand the rigors of transportation, including stacking, loading, unloading, and potential rough handling. They are often reinforced at stress points and equipped with sturdy handles and latches for easy handling.

Sustainable and Re-useable Trade Show crates
  • Choosing Cratex's wooden crates is an environmentally conscious decision. These crates are designed with reusability in mind, reducing the need for single-use packaging materials. This not only contributes to sustainability efforts but also provides a cost-effective solution for businesses participating in multiple trade shows.

  • Our reusable trade show crates are designed with mobility in mind and built for multiple uses. After the event, they can be disassembled or stored for future use. Proper maintenance and storage will extend the life of the crate.

By understanding the design, materials, and versatility of custom trade show crates, you can effectively use them to transport and protect your exhibit materials, ensuring a successful and visually appealing display at trade shows and events.

Common features found in our trade show crates include:

High-Quality Lumber | Glued and screw assembly | Hinged doors and lids | Shelves | Dividers | Ramps | Handles | Tie-downs | Foam | Carpet lining and more.

Get the Best Custom Trade Show crate Vancouver Offers

When you are looking for the best Custom Trade Show crate Vancouver Offers, there are a few things to keep in mind. Make sure that the supplier you choose has a good reputation, and consider freight and shipping including customs documentation, weight restrictions, and any special handling instructions.

For a free quote from the best packing company in Vancouver, Contact Cratex Industrial Packing. We are the Export Packing & Crating Company that's been providing crating, custom packaging, and shipping wooden crates since 1975.


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