Industrial Packing & Crating

Industrial packing and crating for export is the core of our business. We offer unparalleled expertise in blocking, bracing, securing, and moisture-protecting goods inside closed containers, and for open-top and flat-rack containers as well. Cratex Group is Western Canada’s longest established and most experienced packing and crating company.


We use our 40 years’ experience and proprietary blocking and bracing techniques to build custom crates that will keep your cargo safe. We can customize our crates to fit any type of cargo and offer professional preparation and protection for your overseas or domestic shipping needs.

We also offer the service of disassembling heavy duty machinery to facilitate loading into standard or 40 ft. high cube containers. We are known as the Lower Mainland specialists in packing and shipping hard-to-handle and delicate goods.

When others say “It can’t be done” – we said, “Yes, it can!

With 40,000 square feet of indoor space and a large fenced and black-topped 4 acre yard, we can handle small and large shipments alike. We are in close proximity to the Port of Vancouver, Vancouver International Airport and the U.S. border.

We pack, crate and protect everything from the smallest piece of electronic equipment to an entire factory of large industrial machines. Our services include:

  • Packing shipments into containers, rail cars, crates and more
  • Building custom crates
  • Shrink-wrapping and vacuum packing
  • Corrosion control during shipment using Cortec Corrosion Inhibiting Products
  • Transloading imports for shipment by truck

We block and brace all of our shipments with certified quality lumber to eliminate any potential of movement during transport to keep your shipment from being damaged. We design and build crates for almost any purpose, including Trade Show Crates, Specialty Crates with foam lining, and we also sell Empty Crates.

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