What Transloading Can Do for You

Do you need to move a lot of freight for your business? Are you moving that freight long distances or even overseas? Cratex has provided transloading services for over 40 years in Vancouver BC Canada. Are you not sure whether transloading is for you? Take a minute to consider how transloading could benefit your business.

Avoid Distribution Centers

Shipments often follow a formula something like this:

  1. Trucks or shipping containers are loaded and sent to a destination city.
  2. They are unloaded onto other trucks and sent to a distribution center (DC).
  3. The DC unpacks the shipment, groups the products by destination and then reloads them onto another set of trucks.
  4. Those trucks finally make it to the actual recipient.

This process is long, involved and costly. Not only does shipping to a DC cost you time and money, but it can actually produce delays with your shipment. Transloading helps you avoid all of that. When a shipment arrives at a Vancouver transloading center, it is immediately unpacked, or “destuffed,” if you are using seafaring terminology.

Once the shipment is unloaded it can be packed into trucks and sent where it needs to go. Not only do you avoid the distribution center all together, you are free to fill up larger containers that can be used at sea or on trains. Shipping in a larger volume this way can help you save money.

Transloading Gives You the Flexibility You Need

Are there certain markets that you are trying to reach but simply can’t? Transloading is capable of giving you access to those markets. Instead of trying to move everything by truck, you can actually take advantage of all modes of transportation that are available in your area. It also makes it much easier to ship and receive things from overseas.

This is because the whole idea behind transloading is to use bulk freight methods to get your goods closer to their final destination. Once there, these goods are loaded directly onto local transportation. Vancouver is the perfect place for transloading due to the variety of options available here for modes of transportation.

Keep Things Simple for Your Shipments

Think about the logistics behind owning and directing a fleet of trucks. Even if you don’t own your own fleet and are using land carriers, trucks are significantly smaller than ocean containers. To put things into perspective, it takes two 53-foot truck trailers to get the same load as one 40-foot oceangoing container.

This is where transloading comes in, as it allows you to keep your shipments simple by keeping them consolidated. There’s no need to break them up to accommodate smaller sized trailers. Take advantage of larger containers and the ease of a consolidated shipment with transloading.

Open Up Opportunities

Since transloading happens right at the port or docks, companies who use transloading over those who utilize other shipping containers have a greater advantage. A good example of this is the heavy container corridor, as sometimes ocean containers end up being overweight.

When this happens, you have to offload some of the container just to get the container moved to where unloading takes place. This also means deploying another truck to get the remaining freight that was unloaded. Transloaders have access to the heavy container corridor that can move these overweight containers without having to unload. Just think of the time and money that you can save with access to perks like this one.

Avoid Storage Fees

Sometimes containers get left behind or arrive earlier than expected. When this happens, you are stuck trying to adjust your schedule, or paying additional fees for expensive storage, until you can figure out the logistics of handling your container. Transloading can help you avoid this.

Many transloading companies have access to facilities where they can hold your cargo until the shipment is complete. Once all of the freight arrives, your transloader will get it broken down and loaded onto the second leg of its trip. Such a process allows you the opportunity to streamline your schedule and stick to it, all while avoiding additional storage fees.

Logistics Simplification

The logistics of moving freight gets complicated, particularly if you are the one responsible for setting up operations with multiple carriers or multiple modes of transportation. When using a transloading company, such as Cratex Group, all of those logistics are handled for you. Our experts in transloading are able to help you by handling the details of the operation.

This allows you to focus on the important parts of your business, so you can get your shipments ready to go. Transloading with Cratex Group will help you to ensure that your shipment arrives on time, and in the right location, without you having to spend countless hours planning and worrying about the timing of your shipments.

Simplify Bulk Shipments

Shipping anything in bulk can add a level of complexity to any freight shipment. This can be even more challenging if you are picking up bulk shipments from multiple sites. Transloading allows you to pick up all of your shipments as you need, and then have a central place to consolidate the shipment.

Once the bulk materials have been consolidated, they can be loaded onto locomotives or ships and be moved nearly anywhere in the world. With this, you are allowed more flexibility with your bulk material shipments, which can help you save money by minimizing your number of shipments.

Open Up Supply Chain Opportunities

Were there places that were simply too expensive to get shipments in and out of? Transloading can help you open up markets that you didn’t even realize your goods could reach. Remember, the advantage of transloading is utilizing the mode of transportation that makes the most sense for each leg of the journey. This means that you can take advantage of the markets your transloader has access to.

The sky is the limit when you choose to incorporate transloading into your business. If you aren’t using Cratex Group for your Vancouver Transloading needs, then check out the services we have to offer. We have years of experience in moving freight to any port in the world. Trust us to get the job done for you! See more information about Transloading benefits here.