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What to Look for In a Carrier

There are so many freight carriers out there nowadays, how do you choose the right one for your cargo? Choosing the wrong carrier could mean unhappy customers, damaged goods, late deliveries or overly high costs. The good news is that most quality carries have many of the same qualities in common – the same qualities that you should be looking for when searching for a carrier for yourself.

What is the Track Record?

One of the easiest measures of the quality of a carrier is their track record when it comes to being on time. That should be the priority of every carrier. If you can’t trust them to be on time with your shipment then you can’t trust them with anything else.
The first thing to look into with any freight carrier is what their freight delivered on time track record is. If there are a lot of complaints about late shipments, move on to another.


Does it Arrive Damaged?

So your shipment arrives on time, but it is 20% damaged. That is just as likely to cause problems with your business as having a late shipment. That is why you need to look into insurance claims filed by the carrier and why they were filed. If a carrier has a track record of delivering damaged goods then you want to avoid them. Damaged shipments are of no good to anyone.


Responsive and Easy to Work With

You don’t want to have to chase after your carrier to get answers to your questions or updates on your shipment. Carriers should be polite, responsive and easy to work with.
If you find your initial contact consisting of lots of voice mails and missed calls it may be an indication that this carrier doesn’t have the time to work with you. It might also just be the way they do business. In either case move on to another carrier that is willing to speak with you. You will be better off in the long run.


Accurate Billing

While you should take a minute to look over the bills that you get from your carriers it shouldn’t be necessary to go over every invoice with a fine toothed comb. You should be able to trust that your carrier’s billing is accurate.
If you start seeing bills that include charges that they shouldn’t, charges that aren’t yours or even bills that aren’t yours at all it is a warning sign. Think about moving to a carrier who is more accurate with their billing so you avoid any budding disputes.


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