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What to Do with Damaged Freight

If you’re an experienced transloader, then you know that one of the most unfortunate circumstances that you can encounter is damaged freight. Not only does a damaged shipment lower customer satisfaction, it can also cost you a great deal in replacement costs. Unfortunately, no matter how much you prepare, you eventually will experience damaged freight, which means you need to know what to do when it happens to you.

If you take the right steps, you should be able to recover from freight damage without much difficulty. Here are a few steps to take after your freight has been damaged and how you can avoid this possibility with the right Vancouver transloading company.

Make Sure to Get Insurance

Because transloading can be so expensive, you’re probably intent on lowering your costs as much as possible. However, although you might not realize it, adding the additional expense of shipping insurance can save you big money if you’re items become damaged over the course of shipping.

Depending on the level of shipping insurance that you purchase, your items may be fully covered in the event of harm, meaning that neither you or your customers will suffer a loss should your items arrive damaged. Consult your Vancouver transloading company to see what types of insurance they offer and which policy might be right for your items.

Fully Examine Your Items

Now that we’ve talked a little bit about preparation, it’s time to learn what to do if damage has occurred to your freight. If you’ve shipped more than one item, it’s possible that not all your freight has been damaged, which means your first step should be to fully examine your items to determine the extent of the damage.

In addition, sometimes unscrupulous shippers will attempt to hide damage to avoid liability. If you suspect damage, make sure to open your shipment immediately to find out of your items are intact. Finding out immediately how damaged your items might be will help you to mitigate the effects, both in terms of cost and customer satisfaction.

File a Claim

After examining your freight and finding damage, you have a few possible solutions to gain restitution. For starters, if the damage is superficial and inconsequential to the functioning off your product, you could simply ignore it.

However, for extensive damage that has made your item useless, you will need to file a claim. When planning to file a claim, do not accept the shipment. Accepting the shipment can often be used as a reason to deny your claim. Secondly, make sure to file your claim as soon as possible so you can get repayment in a timely manner.

Acting decisively when it comes to filing a damaged shipment claim will increase your odds of getting the restitution you and your customers deserve.

Avoid Damages with Vancouver Transloading from Trusted Source

The best way to deal with damages to your freight is to avoid them in the first place, which is why you need a reliable transloading company. Protect your important shipments by working with the Vancouver transloading professionals at Cratex Industrial Packing, LTD.

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