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Ways to Cut Down on Freight Costs

Keeping costs low is the key to having a successful business. If your business has any kind of freight or shipping costs associated with your bottom line, you know how important it can be to keep these costs down.

Yet over the past few years, it seems like the costs of shipping keep going up and up. Fortunately, it isn’t impossible to keep the costs of shipping down. Using a Vancouver transloading expert, like Cratex Group, can help keep costs down. Also, try using these freight savings tips to keep your shipping costs low!

Have the Proper Insurance

Insurance is critical for any shipment. Things can and will go wrong and you need to make sure that you are covered when they do. The thing is there is the right and wrong types of freight insurance.

Most carriers have their own insurance to cover losses or damage in which they are liable. The amount of their insurance liability may not be as high as you need to cover a full loss of your freight. They only carry the minimum that they need.

Make sure that you are carrying enough insurance to cover any losses, but no more. Having too much insurance doesn’t get you anything but higher costs.

Freight Consolidation

Space is only one of the things that cost you when shipping. Gas and unused truck space can also end up costing you as well. That is why consolidating your shipments can help keep your costs down.

Not only does it save you with the carrier it can also help you to reduce loss. It is much harder to lose a full pallet than it is to lose a single box. Having a larger consolidated shipment makes it more difficult for carriers to lose or misplace your items.

Use the Proper Packaging

You may think that preparing a shipment for transport is as simple as some boxes, a pallet and shrink wrap. There is nothing further from the truth. Having the right packing can go a long way to saving you money and reducing the chances of damage in your shipment.

Trying to fit odd sized items into a standard box or packing may seem like a good way to save money but it isn’t. Consider custom crating and packaging for your specialty shipments. They can help reduce costs (easier to load and unload) as well as better protect your oversized or oddly shaped items.

Keep and Understand your Paperwork

Shipping manifests are long and complicated. They can contain lots of three letter abbreviations (TLAs) as well as terms you might not be familiar with. This means you may be racking up charges for things that you shouldn’t be.

Read and understand everything that is on your paperwork. Make sure any additional costs are things that you should actually be paying for before you do so.

Consider Vancouver Transloading to save on Freight Costs

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