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Questions to Ask Before Shipping Freight

When you need to ship freight, there are probably a few concerns on your mind. What rates you should pay, whether you need continued or one-time service and what’s involved in the shipping process can be confusing if you’ve never used freight shipping before, making it important to get all the information that you can. Here are a few questions you should ask when you’re planning on shipping freight to help you make the process as easy, stress free and affordable as possible.

How Often Do You Ship?

The first thing that you should consider when you’re planning on shipping freight is how often you will require shipping services. Costs and levels of service can vary widely depending on whether you need daily, weekly or even monthly service, so knowing how often you need to ship at the outset will help you connect with the right services.

Sit down and map out your next few months worth of freight to estimate much you will be shipping during that time. Then, when you are talking to freight companies, brokers or transloading providers, you can let them know how often you will need their service and see if that can provide you any discounts on regular shipping costs.

What is in a Normal Shipment?

After deciding how often you are going to need to ship your products, you need to determine how consistent the size and weight of your shipments will be. For example, do you ship the same amount of product every single time, or will it vary from shipment to shipment? Answering these questions comes with two main benefits:

  1. Help you determine your costs
  2. Narrow down what shipping service you should use

Many freight providers do not work with certain cargo, while others prefer to work with a single type of cargo. Specifying what you are shipping can help you in negotiations with freight companies and will let you rule out the companies that don’t offer the service you need.

What Are Your Shipping Locations?

Almost as much as your cargo itself, the location you are shipping from is incredibly important. Your shipping location can help you decide between a transloading company and a traditional trucking company. Certain locations can leverage benefits from services like transloading. This allows access to multiple methods of transportation to move your freight and save money because of it. Have a clear idea of what your normal shipping locations are both to and from, which your shipping company may be able to use to offer you deals.

What Are Your Special Considerations?

Some shipping jobs require special considerations that can tremendously add to your costs. For instance, do you need a lift gate to pick up your shipment since you have no loading dock? Does your destination have any specific needs, such as restricted access times or a specific warehouse to use? These are all things that you need to keep in mind, as they can determine which shipping service you should use.

When speaking with your transloader or freight provider, have a list of all of these types of considerations in mind. You don’t want to have a shipment left behind because there was no lift gate on the truck when they arrived to unload.

Consider Vancouver Transloading for Your Next Shipment

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