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Vancouver Transloading and Cargo Insurance

When you rely on transloading for the continued success of your business, you want to be certain that your cargo reaches its destination undamaged. Unfortunately, no matter how carefully you pack your cargo or the dependability of your transloading service, accidents do happen, and your cargo can suffer harm en route to your customers. It is for this reason that many people consider using cargo insurance.

There are several reasons to purchase cargo insurance, but the most important reason is that insurance can protect you from loss if your products are damaged in transit. However, if you’ve never used cargo insurance before, it can be a good idea to learn more about this tool. Read about cargo insurance and Vancouver transloading, and find out why you need to work with the right transloading company for your shipments.

Understand Your Cargo

Cargo insurance is meant to reimburse you if your shipments are damaged during their journey. While insurance can give you peace of mind, it can’t actually protect your cargo from damage, which means you need to understand the products you’re shipping and the different ways that they can be damaged.

Before scheduling your transloading services or buying cargo insurance, think about the items you are shipping. What are the different ways they can be damaged? Have you correctly packaged them to minimize risk as much as possible? These questions can help you know what level of insurance you need, or if insurance is necessary at all.

Examine the Journey

The longer that your items are in transit, the more risk that there is for damage, and while transloading is one of the most affordable ways to ship your cargo, it does require multiple loadings and unloading. This can also increase the chances that your cargo will be damaged in some way.

Prior to shipping your cargo, think about the journey that it must complete. Examine the route it must take and if there are any portions of the voyage where your cargo is more likely to suffer damage. Discuss the safest route with your transloading service so that you can decide how much insurance you may need.

Read Your Insurance Policy

A mistake that some businesses make when purchasing cargo insurance for their Vancouver transloading shipments is failing to read the fine print of their insurance policy. Almost every insurance policy that you choose will contain a certain number of clauses, and these clauses will determine what types of damages are covered.

Go over your insurance policy with a fine-tooth comb. Try to find out exactly what damages are covered and if the covered items match the type of damage your cargo is likely to suffer. There’s almost nothing more frustrating than making a claim against your cargo insurance only to find the damage isn’t covered by your policy.

Schedule Vancouver Transloading

Purchasing cargo insurance is a good idea to protect your important products. However, of equal importance is the Vancouver transloading company you hire, which is why you need to be sure to work with a trusted company like Cratex Industrial Packing, LTD.

Cratex specializes in transloading hard to ship items, which means we have the expertise necessary to protect your cargo from the time it departs until it reaches its destination. Contact Cratex today to find out how we can help with your transloading needs.