Using Plastic Pallets for One Way Shipping

International shipping can be easy when you follow thesehelpful tips.When a company invests in plastic pallets, it is usually because they plan on using them for repeated shipping trips. There are some cases where using plastic pallets for a one way trip might make sense. Here are some reasons why you may wish to do so, and also some extra preparations you might need to make in order to make sure your shipment arrives without any issues.

Why Use Plastic Over Wood?

So, considering the increased cost of a plastic pallet over a wooden one, why would you ever choose to ship plastic over wooden for a one way trip?

  • ISPM-15 Export regulations: These are the regulations that cover all wood imports and invasive species. If there is a concern about these regulations, then using a plastic pallet over a wooden one will ensure that an overseas shipment arrives without incident.
  • Preventing mold for shipment in a moist environment: If your shipment is sensitive to mold, then having a plastic pallet can help prevent exposing your goods to that.
  • Production facilities: Some production facilities require the use of plastic pallets due to certain types of automation. 

Optimize Your Load

Considering the increased costs, you want to be sure to maximize the load you are placing on your plastic pallets. In order to do that, you want to find the plastic pallets that will allow you to get the most load put on them for the cost you are investing. There are many different plastic pallet types, and you should be able to find ones that are well-suited to your weight needs. They should also accommodate the geometry of your shipment.

Allow Extra Time

Plastic pallets are more time consuming to produce than their wooden counterparts. Because of this, you are going to need to allow for some extra time for your pallets to be delivered. Leaving yourself some extra time for your pallets to be delivered will ensure that your shipment does not arrive late.

Communicate with Your Carrier

Make sure that your carrier knows that you are going to be switching from plastic to wooden. They may need to make special provisions that they do not normally take when loading and unloading your shipment. Making sure that they are aware of your change will prevent delays or additional charges for having to accommodate your needs last second.

Cheaper is Not Better

Remember, you want your shipment to arrive in one piece. Just because a plastic pallet is more expensive than a wooden one does not automatically make it a whole lot sturdier. Some plastics will even shatter when they’re loaded too heavily. So be sure to choose the best quality you can get for the money you have on hand.

Whether you need plastic or wooden pallets — or any other packing material — then contact the experts at Cratex Group. We can give you quotes on all the materials you need and recommend the best supplies for your shipment.