Using Custom Shipping Crates for Valuable Items

Cratex Industrial Packing excels at constructing custom crates for all different types of cargo.
Thousands of items every day are shipped worldwide, and many of these are both fragile and valuable. Shipping items like this requires many special considerations, and in order to guarantee that your items reach their destination intact and undamaged, you’ll want to take every precaution possible. In addition to such things as special packing materials and insurance, you will want just the right crating into which the item will be packed.

Custom Shipping Crates

Custom shipping crates are a perfect option for anyone looking to ship valuable goods to anywhere in the world. Rather than choosing a “one size fits all” crate, choose one that is specially designed to protect your item.

Custom crates can be constructed from any sort of material, from plywood strips to synthetic materials, and can have special considerations like anchors and slots built into the crate to secure your artwork or other expensive goods against damage from abrasion or impact en route.

Special considerations for shipping can include the following:

  • Accounting for weight, be it extreme lightweight or exceptionally heavy materials
  • Protection against abrasion and impact
  • Rigging and blocking techniques such as the use of chains, straps, hooks, or braces inside the crate to hold the items stable against bouncing around
  • Protection from the elements, be it moisture, heat, or cold.

If the item you are shipping is vulnerable to moisture or temperature, crates can be offered that are insulated or provide barriers against moisture. This can ensure that your item arrives dry and safe from heat or cold.

Bracing an item to keep it from sliding around and defend against impact is important. Crates can be built with internal slots, padding and nesting to keep an item in place so that even if it’s a rough ride, the item inside is safe from bouncing around.

Packing materials such as proper padding and bubble wrap can encase an item to keep it from rubbing against external surfaces, causing damage from abrasion with the crate itself. This can ensure that the item arrives safe without damage to smooth or textured surfaces.

Different packing materials are needed based on the weight of the item. Using a crate that is too lightweight when shipping an exceptionally heavy item can result in the crate itself being damaged, and that will not protect the item. Proper shipping materials are vital in this case.

Qualified, Experienced Service
The right packing equipment and expert crating materials are vital to making sure your item arrives safely. When you need the perfect crate for shipping a valuable item to another place in the country, or another place in the world, you should seek the services of a qualified shipping expert. The right company can provide for whatever shipping needs you have.

If you are planning to transport a valuable package, be it artwork, valuable paperwork, collectible items, or anything else of value, feel free to give us a call. Our shipping and crating materials are perfect for any package you need to ship.