Save Money With Transloading

In the import and shipping industry, transloading is quickly becoming the most popular way to move freight. Transloading is both fast and efficient and will save you time on your next shipment of goods. It is a reliable, safe and cost-saving way of ensuring that your cargo reaches the end of its intended journey undamaged and on-time.
Cratex Transloading

Keep reading for some of the best insider tips that can help you save money on your next shipment using transloading.

Get to Know the Company

Not all transloading companies are created equally. Before choosing which to go with, make sure that you do your homework.

Make sure that you inquire about these important key factors.

  • Where the transloading warehouses are located?
  • What equipment they will be using to destuff containers and transfer goods?
  • What is the overall method of transloading – train, truck, ship?

So why is all this important?

Stick around because later in this post I will discuss each of these important key factors in detail and why they are so important when it comes to saving you money.

Why Transloading is Right for You

Location, location, location

To follow up on the first of the three key factors of transloading, the overall location of the company’s warehouses is key to saving you money.

Here is the question you need to ask yourself:

  • If the transloading warehouses are not located in the vicinity of your freights final destination, how much more will your total shipping fees be?
    It makes no sense to ship your goods to a warehouse that is not close to your intended destination. This would be the same as essentially shipping your freight twice – once to the warehouse and then back to your final destination.

Our warehouses are conveniently located in strategic areas that can ensure a quick delivery to Vancouver and all surrounding areas. With over 40 years of experience, I can guarantee that Cratex can save you money on your overall shipping costs.

The Importance of Equipment

  • What type of equipment does the company use to offload and transfer goods?

The importance of equipment cannot be understated because underperforming or inadequate equipment can lead to all kinds of problems. Improper equipment can damage your cargo leading to replacement costs, insurance claims or unhappy customers.

Inadequate or antiquated equipment can also delay the unloading or transferring of goods which can ultimately cost you more money in delivery charges and storage fees. You want your goods transferred quickly, safely and in an organized manner, so make sure that your transloading company can do this.

Here’s the deal:

We use specialized equipment and highly trained staff to safely, efficiently and carefully offload and transfer all of your goods to ensure the quickest turnaround time possible. This will save you money and ensure full customer satisfaction – guaranteed.

What Can your Transloading Company Do for You?

  • Does the method of transloading even make sense for your type of cargo?
  • If your cargo is irregularly shaped or oversized, is it still a candidate for transloading?

For transloading to work for you and save you money, the company working for you must be able to actually move your cargo quickly and efficiently. If they cannot do this then you need to find a company that can.

We have specialized equipment that allows us to move all types of cargo and can even bring the job to you, to ensure full customer satisfaction around the transloading process.

Let us help you realize the true savings of transloading.


The goal of transloading is to speed up the delivery service, to save you time, which in the shipping industry is money. If your transloading company cannot efficiently and effectively deliver the goods, then perhaps you need to find a company that can meet all of your delivery needs.

That company is Cratex.