Transloading can save your business time and money. Transloading is the practice of transferring goods from one mode of transportation to another. It has become the preferred way to handle goods for import wherever possible. Because space at the Greater Vancouver docks is at a premium, dock operators usually will not remove contents from containers or flat-racks on site.

With the right equipment and facilities Cratex has become a convenient and preferred facility for destuffing containers and sending contents out via truck.
Transloading Cargo
When shipping containers arrive on the coast, de-stuffing the container near the Port and sending the goods to points outside the Lower Mainland via truck is significantly more cost effective than sending the loaded container out and having to bring it back empty.

Another common situation where transloading would be an advantage could include transferring the contents of three 40 ft sea containers into two 53 ft semi-trailers, considerably lowering transportation costs.

When transloading, the party handling the goods risks the expense of damages and thus requires efficient workmanship and specialized equipment. Our staff is properly trained and certified, and our facility is stocked with the right equipment for quickly transferring the contents of any container. Our secure and electronically monitored yard is capable of housing large shipments because we understand transloading sometimes calls for additional storage.

How does it work?

We will de-stuff your container in our fully equipped, large, new facility near the Port and send the goods to destinations outside the Lower Mainland via truck. This is significantly more cost effective than sending the loaded container out and having to bring it back empty.

With complete equipment, facilities, a convenient location, and 40 years experience handling specialized shipments Cratex has become a choice provider for container transloading in Vancouver and the Lower Mainland of BC. Cratex also provides a licensed sufferance warehouse facility for short-term storage and examination, when required, of imported goods not yet released by the CBSA. If you would like more information please call.