Transloading can Save Money on your Next Freight Move

Freight is a major cost for your company. That is why you should always be on the look-out for ways to save money where you can when it comes to freight. If you haven’t looking into transloading then you may be missing out on a major way to save on freight charges. Here are a few of the ways you can leverage transloading for your business to save on costs.

Discharge Near Ports to Bypass Distribution Centres

One of the major ways that transloading can really help for you to save on shipping is to let you bypass a distribution centre. Typically ocean going freight containers are much smaller than their land based counterparts. This means that shipments are often broken up as they are loaded onto sea vessels and then need to be sorted and reconsolidated.

This is typically done by loading ocean containers onto a truck, driving them to a distribution centre, unloading the containers, sorting the shipment, reloading into new containers and then shipping them off to their destination. This takes a large effort in both time and money.

Transloading bypasses many of those steps. Instead of having to load, move, unload, your transloading provider does all of these steps for you; right at the port. This saves on the initial trucking run to your DC. Once the ocean containers are unloaded, they can be sorted and packed onto larger trucks that are sent straight to your final destination. Think of all the time and money you will save bypassing all of the additional and unnecessary steps.

Consolidate Shipments from Different Origins

Another benefit that can be provided by transloading is that shipments from different distributors arriving on different vessels can be consolidated without having to spend time in DC storage.

If you are ordering raw materials or parts from several different international vendors this means that your shipments may be arriving at your port at different times. If you know this then you can work with your transloading vendor to consolidate all of your shipments at the port and as they arrive.

As items arrive and are unloaded, completed shipments can be sent out without having to take extra time in transit to your DC. The ones that are not yet complete can be held onto until they are ready to go. Sure, your transloader is going to charge you for their storage fees, but since they are locate at the port they are going to be much lower than what you would traditionally pay at a DC or warehouse.

Save on Ocean Container Charges

Taking up an ocean container whether it is full or empty costs money. This means full one sitting around or being shipped to a DC, as well as empty ones on the way back to the port cost money. Transloading ensures that those containers will stay at the port and be returned quickly.

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