Tips to Packing and Preparing for Piano Shipping


When the general public conjures up an image of one of the most challenging items to pack, crate, and ship overseas a piano often comes to mind. Perhaps this is born from the old Abbott & Costello piano moving routine from the 1950’s silver screen. Antique dealers, music shop owners, and relevant collectors from across the world often face the challenge of having to ship valuable concert, upright, player, and grand pianos (etc…) over great distances via ocean traveling vessels. The thought alone has sellers and curators of the clavier trembling as they prepare to part ways with prized and even priceless pianofortes, followed by sleepless nights until word of the instruments safe arrival reaches them. While for an industrial packing and crating company like Cratex Group such a thing can be classified as routine, we absolutely understand the concern. Thus, in today’s blog post we address the topic of preparing pianos for overseas shipping.

5 Tips to Preparing Pianos for Overseas Shipping

1. Secure the Keyboard Lid in Shut Position

You don’t want your keyboard lid slapping up and down during an ocean voyage. Take the necessary measures to ensure the lid remains tightly closed before releasing for transport. Closing the lid with a thin layer of cloth inserted into both closed corners will help keep it in a shut position before tightly winding shrink wrap directly at the open points of the keyboard lid.

2. Dismantle Removable Parts

The less protruding parts the better it is for your piano/s in ocean transit. Carefully remove the legs, lid prop, lyre, and any other removable parts and pack them carefully into secured boxes along with it’s bench and other accompanying accessories. Be sure to keep everything together, ensuring that each wrapped and boxed item is explicitly labelled, with any necessary reassembling instructions appended to each so that the recipient is not left at a loss when receiving the instrument/s at the place of rest or display.

3. Pad Before Packing

Without professional help many people shipping pianos will use quilts to pad their precious cargo. However it is essential that professional foam padding is used. If you have acoustic foam (used to soundproof rooms when playing) you can throw that into the mix for extra protection.

4. Secure Custom Piano Covers

If your serious about your collection (whether a curator or seller) then you may as well purchase a customized-to-fit cover for each piano. This will add a further layer of protection to your units not only during the recent shipment but for many years ahead. It just makes good sense.

5. Don’t do it Alone

This is no sales pitch, just fact. The wisest decision you can make when it comes to protecting your piano shipment is to secure the services of an industrial level packing and crating company with many years of experience in preparing pianos for overseas shipping. A company such as Cratex Group will professionally wrap, brace, and crate each piano slated for transport in a manner that will ensure their safe arrival at its final destination. If you are shipping a piano (or plural) from the Greater Vancouver area please do contact Cratex Group today.