Tips on How to Avoid Extra Charges on Freight Shipping

Regardless of the size of your business, reducing shipping costs should always be a goal as it will increase your profit margin and is essential for the success of any business.  As the premier company for your packing and crating needs, we would like to share the following ways on how you can avoid extra charges on your freight shipping.

Get it in Writing

Get all your shipping quotes in writing.  This way there will be no discrepancy or disagreement on what the total cost of your freight will be.  When you are getting a quote, make sure that everything you will need for your freight is included in that invoice.

Fees that need to be included in the quote are:

  • Taxes and fuel surcharges. These types of costs can quickly add between 20%-40% onto your invoice.  Make sure they are included.
  • Get the proper insurance. You may need special insurance or more insurance than is normally provided.  Include this cost in your quote.
  • Make sure that the rate and quote are in your currency, not a foreign one. You do not want any surprises, so make sure that the dollar amount is in the currency in which you are paying.
  • Include any special services such as refrigeration or dangerous goods up front, so that you will know the total cost.

Correct Measures and Weight

Your responsibility when it comes to shipping is to correctly know the width and height measurements, as well as the weight of your freight.  If you do not know these statistics, be prepared to pay more when the carrier shows up to move your freight.

You will also need to correctly package your load.  Ensure that your freight is secured and protected.  This will prevent any freight damage and the time-consuming claims process.

Know Your Limitations

It is also important to know any limitations that you may face when shipping your freight.  These include:

  • Docking limitations. Can a large truck back into your loading dock?
  • The size of your facility. Can a 50-foot truck turn around in your facility’s space?
  • Are you a commercial or residential location?

These simple steps should help you to save money on your freight shipping costs.  If you would like other ways to reduce these costs or are looking for an experienced and capable company to handle your shipping needs, please contact us today.  We would love to be a part of your shipping process.  We look forward to working with you soon.

Be sure to discuss all limitations and what type of location you are with your shipping carrier.  This will prevent any cost overruns or the inability to even load your freight in the first place.