Tips for Saving on Shipping

Shipping can be a major part of the cost of doing business. That is why it is so important to save as much money in the process as you can. Here are some tips for ways that you may be able to save money on your shipping and freight costs.

Use Custom Crates

While it may seem counter intuitive at first, custom wooden crates can save you a bundle in the long run. First a custom crate can be reused unlike cardboard. So while cardboard is cheaper in the short term, reusable crates can save you a significant amount of packing time in the long run.
Secondly think about the cost of a damaged shipment. Using custom wooden crates built specifically for your freight can ensure that no damage is going to occur because of transit.


Make Sure You Are Ready

When you call a carrier or broker to have a shipment picked up, make sure that the shipment is, in fact, ready to be picked up. Carriers are going to charge you for extra time spent waiting for shipments to be completed. They are also going to charge you if they have to come back because you are not ready. Make sure to be ready to go when the time comes to avoid these extra charges.


Know Your Definitions

Freight and shipping are full of abbreviations and other lingo. It is entirely possible for charges to show up on your freight bill that you have no idea what they mean and why they are being charged. Familiarize yourself with the words that are used by the industry so that you can understand what they mean and use them to your advantage when the time comes.


Keep Packing Materials Light

Freight is typically charged by weight. While heavy packing materials may help to prevent damage to your shipment, they are going to add a large cost. There are plenty of lighter packing materials that are just as effective or you could think about other methods (did we mention custom crating?) to keep the weight down for your shipments.


Don’t Forget Your Insurance

Yes, it is another charge that can save you money in the end. Most carriers do carry a limited amount of insurance. The issue is it isn’t specific to your shipment and may not cover the entire cost. Having third party insurance will ensure that your expensive and fragile items are covered should something happen to them in transit.


Get the Timing Right

There are busy times of the year for the shipping and freight industries. If you can avoid having large deliveries or shipments over the holidays then you can save significantly. Look to have your shipments moved during slow or down times so that you are maximizing the amount of savings.


Think About Transloading

Transloading is a great way to save on freight costs. Cratex Group can help you set up a shipment for transloading. Contact us today for more information on transloading for your next shipment!