Tips for Saving Money on Freight

Shipping items is expensive. Sometimes, it can be more expensive than the cost of the item itself. That is why it is so important that you do all you can to save money on freight costs. Here are some ideas that you can use to save money on your freight and transloading costs!

Understand that Value and Price Are Not the Same

Sometimes you can get the lowest price for something without getting good value. What might seem like a good idea in the beginning can end up costing you much more on the back end. Investigate the freight carriers that you are using and make sure that necessary corners aren’t being cut by that carrier when you ship. You may end up paying more than you intended to in the end.

Understand the Terminology

If you look at your bill of lading, do you understand all of the terms that are on it? Can you figure out what all of those costs are and why they are being added to your bill? If not take time to sit down and learn what all of those letters mean. It may end up that you are paying for something that you simply don’t need to be paying for. This way you can speak the same language as your freight carriers, and call them out when a charge shows up that you shouldn’t be getting.

Make Delivery Inspections of Your Freight

Big damage can have small evidence on the outside. You should make sure to carefully inspect every freight shipment that you receive. When you do, make sure that nothing is out of the ordinary. Even seemingly small things can end up being a very big problem when you open up your crates and see what has happened on the inside. Write down everything that you find so that you have it documented if you need to file a claim against your insurance for damage or losses.

Keep the Packing Materials Light

The cost of your freight is enough without adding more weight in packing materials. Some things like sawdust and shredded paper can really add to the weigh to of your shipment, which ultimately adds to the cost of your shipment. Use light packing materials like bubble wrap or peanuts when you can. That way you are paying as little as possible for the fillers around your items.

Don’t Forget Your Own Insurance

Your freight costs a good bit—you want to make sure that if anything happens to it in transit, it is covered, and you do not lose out on the value of the items you are shipping. Yes, it can be very expensive, particularly if you are shipping a valuable item. However, insurance isn’t the place you want to cut corners. Carrier insurance will often not cover the entire cost of the damages; can you afford that?

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