Tips for Effective Transloading

Transloading is a great way for a company to add flexibility and speed to their supply chain. It allows you to move your goods using different methods of transport in order to optimize your delivery times and locations. To get it done correctly requires some know how. Partnering with a quality transloading company like Cratex group is a good first step. Here are some other tips to keep in mind for your transloading operation in order to get the most out of it.

Plan for Additional Time

Transloading adds time to your shipping process, typically between 48 and 72 hours depending on the size of the shipment and how much it is being broken up (or consolidated) when it arrives. Failing to plan for this added time can cause you to miss shipping deadlines or not get your shipment to market on time. Factor in this added time to your shipping to ensure that you do not have to explain to your customers why they are still waiting for their goods.

Break Up Large Shipments

Transloading offers you flexibility on delivery. If you have a large shipment arriving by train or by sea, you can have a transloader split that large shipment up into several smaller ones that can be transported LTL or on smaller truck lines. This means instead of making one large delivery to one customer, you can spread your delivery over many customers who all get the amount that is right for them. This allows you more flexibility on where your shipments are going to go on the destination end while still getting bulk shipments to a general area intact.

Flexibility in Supply Chain Logistics

If you are sending supplies or goods to a market where the demand is high to maximize profit, one of the worst things that can happen is for the market to crash in transit. Transloading allows you the flexibility to change in route and move those goods to another area that might need them more instead of taking a hit on arriving to a market too late.

Multimodal Transportation of Goods

Using rail for cross country transport might seem like a good idea if you have a rail freight center nearby both you and your customer. If not, you may immediately think that your shipment is going to have to be taken by truck. Transloading changes all that.

Transloading offers you the ability to send a large shipment via train and then use trucks to get it where it needs to go on the other end. It is also great for overseas importing and exporting as you can use low cost sea carriers to get the goods to a port and then truck them to their final destination.

Transloading saves time and money and offers your business more flexibility on getting what you want where you need it. Consider Cratex Group for all of your transloading needs. Contact us today!