Things to Know about Pallets and Crates

Pallets and crates are there to protect and move your shipment. It can be very easy to gloss over their importance and think that it doesn’t really matter what materials or construction your industrial packing materials have. This can lead to damaged, broken or even completely lost shipments.

Here are some things that you should know about your pallets and crates before you send your shipment on its way. This information can help you decide if what you have is right for this shipment and affords enough protection for your shipment to arrive in one piece.

Will the Pallet Hold the Load?

You pack up all of your things to be shipped on a pallet you assume that the pallet is going to hold all the weight. You should know for sure, as a broken pallet can cause serious issues for a shipping line if it breaks in transit. You want to look for three types of stress ratings to ensure that your pallet can properly handle the load.

  • Static Compression: this is the amount of force that your pallet can withstand just sitting there. This means that it is fully supported on a flat surface and the surface can handle the load that is being put on it by the pallet
  • Dynamic Compression: this is the amount of force that the pallet can withstand while it is moving. This actually means that the load is moving, think along the lines of a bumpy train track or a ship in a storm. This doesn’t necessarily mean when it is being moved by a fork truck as it is loaded or unloaded.
  • Racked Compression: This is the load it can handle if it is not properly supported. The pallet may end up sitting crooked or only partially supported, so it needs to be able to handle the weight of the load under these conditions.

Will the Crate or Pallet Resist the Environment?

Water makes wood swell and weaken. This means that certain types of wooden crates are not a good choice for a sea voyage. You want to make sure that the material that your pallets and crates are made of can stand up to the environment that they are going to be placed into. Remember to consider every leg of the journey and what the shipment is most likely to encounter in the way of weather. This includes precipitation and temperature. Make sure the materials you have chosen will not fall prey to the extremes of the shipping environment.


Can the Crate and Pallet Stand Up to Handling?

Wood crates can be destroyed by automatic loading machinery. Wooden pallets can be damaged by conveyer belts. You want to make sure that your shipping material can stand up to the machinery that is going to handle it on its journey.

To ensure you get the right crates for your shipment, contact the experts in industrial packing at Cratex Group today!