Things to Know About Intermodal Shipping

Shipping ContainerIntermodal shipping is a way that you can move your freight using different modes of transportation. This can mean having trucks take your containers to a sea port then using a ship to move your goods overseas. This could also mean having trucks carry your freight to a rail station, followed by moving your goods across country by train where a truck will pick them up and deliver them to their final destination. Regardless of your specific needs, intermodal shipping is a great way to move goods. Here are some things that you should know about using intermodal shipping.

Use Quality Packaging

Once your truck is loaded, it will not be unloaded again until it reaches its destination. Thus, packing inside of the shipping container is very critical. The container is what is going to be moved from the truck, to the train or ship, then back to the trucks if necessary. If you do not invest in quality packaging, bracing and tie downs, you could have a lot of damaged cargo on your hands after the fact. Make sure that the packaging is going to keep things secure as the items get moved and jostled during shipping. Crates and pallets are your best bet. Using a custom crating service can help you ensure that your goods arrive safe.

The Longer You Go, the Cheaper it Is

Intermodal shipping is great for longer distances. The further you need to ship things the better off you are using this method of transit. Be aware that, if you are sending time sensitive goods, this may not be the best option for you. Intermodal is cheap, but lengthy. Make sure you have the time to get all of your goods to their destination before choosing to ship intermodal.

Beware of Weight Limits

When using intermodal shipping you have to remember that you are going to be dealing with the regulations of several different types of transportation systems. This means that you can exceed the weight limit of one mode without exceeding the weight limit of another. Shipping companies who specialize in intermodal shipping can help out with this aspect, but make sure if you are booking separate legs of the journey yourself that you look up the entire weight limit restriction for the trip before loading up the trucks.

Line up Your Permits

If you are shipping internationally you need to make sure that all of your paperwork is in order. Not getting everything filled out properly can lead to delays or, in the worst cases, having your cargo impounded until paperwork is filled out properly. Avoid those problems by getting everything filled out up front.

Getting Quotes is Easy

Getting a quote for intermodal shipping can be very easy. Shipping companies typically handle the details of the transfer from one mode to the other. Transloading services can help you get things off of your truck and onto a ship (or vice versa) if you wish to book the intermodal shipping legs yourself.

For help with all things intermodal shipping and getting those items of yours ready for transport, contact Cratex Group today!