Things to Consider with Overseas Shipments

overseas shipping

Shipping overseas is not like shipping domestically, or even shipping internationally over land. There are many more points to consider when shipping to a country overseas.

Proper planning and thought about the things you need will ensure your shipments arrive on time and where you need them to end up. It will also help you predict the proper costs to charge for shipping your items overseas. Take a minute to consider some of the things listed below before shipping overseas.

Customs Details

When shipping overseas you are going to have to deal with customs for both the country you are shipping into and the country you are shipping from. There are two things you must have in order for your shipments to clear customs.

  • Proper forms – must be filled out for all countries involved. This means that you will need paperwork from the country your shipment is leaving as well as the country you are shipping into. This paperwork is required for you to clear customs. You can find out what forms are needed by looking up the proper agencies for each country. Your shipping line or shipping agent might also be able to help you with this.
  • Customs fees – are going to need to be paid for your shipment. These fees are assessed based on a percentage of the value of the cargo, the type of cargo, and other considerations by the country they are being shipped into. Customs fees can vary greatly from country to country. They can also very greatly based on cargo type. Make sure to include custom fees in any shipping charges you are passing along to customers.

Shipment Time

Remember, shipping overseas by ship or by plane is going to take some time. Granted, the time for shipping by air is quite less than the time to ship by sea. This time difference is made up for by costs. In either case, shipments must clear customs which takes time and can add delay. Make sure to give yourself enough time for your shipments to arrive on the dates you desire.

Another thing to consider is that while late shipments are bad, early ones can be as well. If a receiving party is not ready to accept your cargo, you may need to pay warehousing costs until they are ready.

Extra Care in Packing

Packing shipments for overseas travel requires a bit more care. Having a professional like Cratex Group assist in your packing can help to minimize damage to your cargo.

You should also be sure to accurately identify and label your cargo. Do not assume and do not guess the best way to pack. If you are unsure, hire a professional for assistance.

While there are many other things to consider when shipping overseas such as the types of insurance you should carry or what sorts of restrictions there are on items, considering the things above can be of great help. Contact us with any questions about industrial packing or overseas shipments!