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The Basics of Industrial Packing and Transloading

If you need to send large amounts of freight, then you are going to have to pack it up to do it. Thing is, industrial packing is a lot different than the way that you would ship a single package or even a small group of packages.

In order to ensure that your shipment is going to arrive undamaged, you need to follow the basics of industrial packing. Here is what you need to know to get your shipment packed up and underway.


Pick Your Outer Packing Material

The first thing that you are going to need to do is figure out how you are going to bundle up the things you are shipping. Typically, this means crates or boxes. While boxes are lighter and cheaper, they don’t offer the same amount of protection that you could get from a crate.


Custom built crates offer even more protection.

Choose boxes or crates that are only slightly larger than you want to ship. Your enemy in shipping is open space, so the less of if that you have, the better off you are. Don’t worry about having lots of small boxes, you can take care of that later with pallets and shrink wrap.


How Breakable are your Breakables?

Once you’ve selected your outer packing material, step back and think about how easy it is to break what you are shipping. Obviously you are going to pack up a shipment of wrenches much differently than a shipment of light bulbs.

How breakable your shipment is will determine how much filler you will need for the trip. The more breakable your shipment is the more specialized you may need to get to prevent accidents. Think about things like newspaper (with no print on it), packing paper, bubble wrap, packing filler and Styrofoam peanuts.You may even want to consider a custom crate designed to keep particularly breakable objects safe.


Box Smart

Now it’s time to fill those boxes. Start with the stuff that can take weight and add support on the outsides of the boxes. As you move in, add packing material to keep the more fragile things safe from breakage.

Do not ship partially filled boxes or crates. They will shift and move during transit and damage what is in them. If you must, fill them up with packing material. Just make sure that every box is filled up and snug.


Choose your Pallet

Freight can’t be picked up without some way to get it on a truck. This means using a hand truck or fork lift, which means you are going to need to have a pallet.

Pallets come in all sorts of materials and sizes based upon your needs. If you aren’t looking for something fancy, go with simple wooden ones. More support needed; go with plastic.

Remember to secure your shipment with shrink wrap or stretch wrap.


Custom Crates are perfect for Vancouver Transloading

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