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The Advantage of Using Colour Pallets

If you do any large amount of shipping, then you are probably familiar with pallets. Pallets are a great way to group your packages together to simplify shipping and avoid losses, but what you might not know is that pallets come in a wide variety for you to choose from. For example, plastic pallets are a great way to get value and reusability. Another benefit to plastic pallets is the option of choosing between multiple colours. The colours you find on pallets act as much more than just decoration, often serving as a marker for what type of shipments go where.

Blue is FDA Approved

The most common type of coloured pallets you will come across are blue pallets, whose colour has a specific meaning. Typically, blue pallets are specially designed for direct contact with food. If you are planning to ship to the United States, blue pallets have been approved by the U.S. FDA for the safe storage and transport of everyday foodstuffs. Because blue pallets are designed for this specialized purpose, they are more expensive than other pallet types you could choose from. Unless you are planning on taking advantage of their ability for direct food contact, you may not need to have the added expense.

Black is the Most Popular Colour

There is one main reason why black and grey pallets are the most popular pallet colour choice: they are the least expensive of the plastic pallets. Usually, black and grey pallets are made from a blend of industrial and recycled plastics called HDPE or PP. This means that they are manufactured from very low cost materials and are very durable, possessing the ability to take a serious beating and still keep going.

If you are looking to save some money while getting a pallet that will be able to withstand the stress of an intense shipping job, black or grey pallets are a great option.

Custom Colours

Although, blue and black are the two most common colours for pallets, you can get pallets customized in almost any colour that you would like. However, there are some things to remember about using custom colour pallets:

  • Custom colours are going to cost extra because they need to be made of clear plastics and then have the colours added.
  • Custom colours can be more difficult to find, which means having to make special orders. If you are going to special order custom pallets, the manufacturer may require you to buy a specific amount. This is because there is a startup cost involved with the colour, and with lower demand, they need to guarantee a certain number made.

Custom colours can help to add to your business’ efficiency by allowing you to:

  • Assign specific colours to certain customers so you know where packages are going at all times
  • Assign colours to particular warehouses or plants to keep them separated
  • Identify them as yours so that you can prevent them from being lost

Vancouver Transloading Can Help Save on Your Freight Costs

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