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Tips to Shipping Classic Cars


Cratex Group put together an article providing advice on shipping automobiles overseas a few months ago. While much of that article also applies to the one before you today, there are differences when it comes to cars of the classic/vintage variety. Last week the International Auto Show graced the Vancouver Convention Centre near one of the ports where our industrial packing and crating company has been known to service clients. One walk over to Hagerty’s Classic Alley evidenced the reason extra special care needs to be taken when shipping a vintage vehicle overseas. The ’51 Mercury pictured above was the star of the show – can you imagine shipping such a beauty on a long ocean voyage without ensuring that it is protected from bumper to bumper?

In the spirit of protecting these four wheeled treasures we have compiled a list of tips for those of you shipping classic cars overseas for business or for a personal collection.

5 Tips to Shipping Classic Cars Overseas

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