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The Advantages of Vacuum Packaging

Industrial Packing is optimal when the cargo is vacuum sealed.

At the end of long term storage or shipping, you want the items which were stored or shipped to be fully functional and in good working order. To ensure that this is going to happen, items need to be protected from the environment, degradation and other things that could inhibit their proper function. One way to do this is by having your items vacuum sealed for storage or shipping.

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Tips for Shipping Electronics Safely

Safety is paramount when shipping electronics.

Probably one of the most fragile things to ship are electronics. Today, electronics are one of the most frequently shipped items worldwide. Most electronics, particularly computers, contain thousands upon thousands of tiny little parts that must be protected.

No matter if you are shipping a vital hard drive, twenty new servers or 100 motherboards, some simple steps for packing can ensure that your electronics arrive undamaged.

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What Is a Bill of Lading?

cargo container freight shipping

Whether it’s a short form bill of lading, a long form one, a switch bill of lading, or any other variety, bills of lading are not only commonplace and standard in the transloading industry, they are in fact one of the most essential parts of the shipping and logistics process. Since it holds such a central place in the process, it’s important to understand the bill of lading.

Three Purposes of a Bill of Lading

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Industrial Shipping Step by Step

Industrial packing and shipping truck on a high level bridgeIndustrial shipping moves tens of thousands of shipping containers through thousands of seaports and airports every day of the year. It’s the way in which your sneakers, hoodies, notebooks, furniture, and even food make the worldwide journey from shipper to receiver. Each supply chain has its own procedures and logistics to maintain, to ensure a smooth and steady transfer of goods from one point to another.

The Industrial Shipping Chain

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Consider Shrink Wrapping for Overseas Transport

Overseas cargo shipping

Shipping oversized items overseas can be a challenge. You want your item to arrive in the best possible condition, however oversized items won’t fit in standard shipping crates.  The majority of overseas shipping is done via cargo vessel, so you’ll want to protect your cargo from the corrosive effects of salt water and salt air with shrink wrapping during its sea voyage.

Professional shipping solutions will ensure your shipment arrives safely and undamaged.

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Why Consider a Third-Party Transloader

Benefits of adopting a Transloader shipping methodTransloading, or the use and coordination of two different means of transporting goods to get a shipment from its point of origin to final destination. This method is increasing in popularity amongst businesses who are looking for an ideal means to maximize the efficiency and value of their supply chain. As it catches on, more and more companies are beginning to wonder if—and why—they should use a transloader company for their services.

Advantages of adopting the Transloader method of shipping

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A Basic Guide to the Various Modes of Shipping Crates

We offer excellent crating services for your shipping or storing needs.Shipping crates are one of the most viable ways of transporting cargo of all types, shapes and sizes. From heavy duty industrial shipments and retail products to household items and personal belongings, goods can be transferred efficiently from one part of the globe to the other safely packaged in crates.

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Retail Import Cargo to Boost Shipping in Early Spring


Retailers are making their mark on the shipping industry this spring

A recent report from the National Retail Federation (NRF) evidences an expected surge in retail imports at the onset of spring. The NRF module known as the Global Port Tracker, in conjunction with Hackett Associates, is a trusted resource of data as it relates to national ports, shipping, and (by default) the industrial packing and crating industry as well. When they state that ports can expect a definitive lift in retail imports you can take it to the bank, especially if you are a retailer.

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