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Shipping in Cold Weather

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As Canada and the United States get hit with another blast of cold weather, we all start thinking about ways that our everyday business can be affected by the temperatures. Shipping in cold weather can present an additional set of challenges that we do not have to deal with in warm weather. Here are some things to look out for when setting up shipping in colder temperatures.

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Picking the Right Packaging Bag

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There are quite a few choices out there for packaging bags to contain your products. Selecting the proper bag can speed up your packing operation. It can add protection to your product as well as provide a professional and finished appearance in the customer’s hands.

The bag is the first thing your product goes in when getting ready to be shipped. It will also be the first thing that your customer will see. Here are some of the types of bags that are available for your use in shipping.

Polyethylene Film

One of the simplest types of bags that are available are polyethylene film bags, referred to as poly bags. These bags are thick and sturdy. They can take a slight beating in shipping without ripping open.

They also offer a variety of closure methods. Poly bags can hold up everything from sealing glues to stapling. They can also be tied shut.

Poly bags can come in an assortment of colors or with printed text or logos on them for presentation purposes. A bonus for food shippers from the United States, poly bags are certified for food handling by the US Food and Drug Administration.

Shrink Bags

Shrink bags are bags that can be shrunk down to form a tight fit around the items being shipped. These bags are created to have only one opening, which means that packing efficiency can be increased by only having one end of the bag to seal.

Shrink bags can be used to organize larger lots of items into a single package. They also provide a nice sealed presentation for customers. Shrink bags are generally of a thinner material than poly bags, so they are less durable and technically offer less protection.

There are two specific types of shrink bags, Polyolefin and PVC. The main difference is that PVC bags are typically not used for direct contact with food items. This is because when polyolefin bags are sealed, they release odors that can spoil the taste of food items. Some federal agencies, like the US FDA have disallowed PVC bags for food use for this very reason.

Mesh Bags

If you are going for a designer look, mesh bags might be an option for you. Mesh bags are made of fabric and can be obtained in a variety of colors. They will not seal out (or in) any harmful environmental conditions like moisture during shipping, but they can provide a professional and finished look to your products on arrival.

Paper Bags

One of the oldest and most versatile types of bags, paper bags can be used to wrap any sort of items. Like mesh bags, they do not offer any real sealing benefits, but they come in a variety of sizes and colors and can be fastened shut in a variety of ways.

Once all of your goods are bagged up and ready to go, contact packing and crating experts like Cratex Group to get your shipment organized and on its way to your customer’s hands!

What is a Letter of Credit and How Does it Work?

letter of credit

Importing and exporting is a complex process for quite a few reasons. One of them is the time involved in shipping overseas. Several months could possibly elapse between the time that a seller’s cargo leaves the seller’s port before it arrives in the buyer’s port for the buyer to pick up.

How is money for the cargo exchanged with this long time lag? The letter of credit.
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Stuck Shipping Container Doors: Should they be Forced Open?

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Would the thought of using a crow bar on your car door ever cross your mind? Probably not, even if it was stuck frozen shut on a cold winter morning. Quite often the solution used to open up a stuck shipping container door is to use the ‘brute force’ method to open it.
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Does Double the Length Mean Double the Weight When Shipping?

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Shipping containers come in all shapes and sizes. When planning out just what you can fit into a shipping container, weight of the payload is typically the main concern. Shipping and transport costs are generated off of weight. Very rarely to we consider the volume of the cargo.

As we are about to see, volume is an important player when planning what size container to use for your shipment.
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