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What Should You Know Before Shopping for Freight Carriers

shipping goods in a factory So you have a large amount of freight you need to move. It is time to start shopping for freight carriers. In order to get the best results when shopping around, there is some common information that all carriers are going to ask you. Having that information on hand and ready to go when they ask for it will make your shopping and selection process goes much more smoothly. Here is the list of things you should have on hand before you contact shipping lines to move your freight.

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What are Shipping Detention Charges?

warehouseSo you are going over your freight bill and you notice a line item that is listed as detention. Extra charges for freight never make shippers happy, but mysterious ones are even worse. Let’s discuss what detention is, why it is charged and ways that you can avoid having shipping detention charged when you ship.

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The Hazards of Shipping in Extreme Weather

Large cargo ship carrying colorful containers

Cold weather and snow have pelted the United States and Canada. Because of the snowfall and cold temperatures, many flights have been canceled and normal business has been disrupted. How can your shipments be affected by this type of extreme weather? Here are some things that you can expect and plan for when shipping in extreme weather.

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Shipping or Moving Wine

Wine and grapes

Wine collections can be a considerable investment. Attempting to move a wine collection from one point to another, for whatever reason, can be quite the task. There are quite a few things you need to understand about shipping or moving wine. While this list of tips is far from comprehensive, these should get you started in understanding how difficult moving an expensive wine collection might be and why custom packing might be necessary for your collection.

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Stretch Wrap Film for Your Shipping Needs

wrapped white plastic foil detail

So you have a large amount of goods that need to be shipped from your location to a client, customer or job site. Sure, you could box or bag all of these things up, but how are you going to keep them from falling all over the place? This is where stretch wrap comes in. Stretch wrap is a film that has quite a few uses that you might not even think of! Here are some products that stretch wrap is commonly used to pack together for shipping. While this list is far from comprehensive, it might give you some ideas as to how to better use stretch wrap film in your shipping.

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Shipping Packing Checklist


You take the time to box up and get your shipment ready to be moved out to its destination, but when the shipping line shows up to load your cargo do you take the time to inspect what it is being loaded into?

The condition of the container that your shipment is being moved in can have adverse effects on the cargo it is carrying. To ensure that your items are going to make it to their destination on time have a checklist of things to inspect prior to loading your cargo into a shipping container. Here are some ideas of things to have on that list and what to look for when inspecting them.
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What is Transshipment and Why is the Discharging Vessel Name Different?


Shipping large amounts of cargo overseas is a complex process. If it is your first time or you have shipped lots of items using a shipping line, there are some things that might be seem confusing. One of them is that when arriving at the destination port, the name of the discharging vessel is different than the name of the loading vessel.
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Transshipping, Transloading and Customs: When Will My Cargo be Inspected?

customs worker

One of the most challenging aspects of shipping cargo to another country is customs. Each country has its own, sometimes very complex, laws that require the right paperwork to be filed at the right times. But, if your cargo is being transloaded or transshipped to be moved to a different country, when will customs kick in and what customs paperwork needs to be filed?
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The Basics of Flexitanks

heavy shipping container

So you need to ship a liquid but do not want the hassle of shipping it via tanker cars? Well then a flexitank might be right up your alley. Flexitanks are a new shipping technology for shipping non-regulated liquids that can fit inside of a standard 20’ shipping container.

They are not yet approved for shipping hazardous or regulated liquids, so make sure to keep that in mind. Here are the basics of just what a flexitank is and things to consider if you are going to use one.
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