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Tips to Shipping from Canada to Australia

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Does an article about shipping overseas from Canada (Greater Vancouver Ports) to Australia seem a little random? Not at all. In fact recent statistics state that well over 1 billion dollars ($1,178,312,943 to be exact) worth of product/merchandise was exported from Canada to Australia in 2013 alone. Sure Canada also imports quite a bit from Australia as well, with over 11% of these imports falling under the “beverages and spirits…” category – Foster’s Lager anyone? The point being, is that Canada’s resource and manufacturing sectors are in demand all across the world and as an industrial packing and crating company serving our west coast ports it is important to provide our current and prospective clients with insight into the exporting process as it relates to their business. In today’s blog post, Cratex Group provides some helpful insight for those of you shipping cargo overseas to Australia.

What You Need to Know When Shipping to Australia

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