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Shipping Packing Checklist


You take the time to box up and get your shipment ready to be moved out to its destination, but when the shipping line shows up to load your cargo do you take the time to inspect what it is being loaded into?

The condition of the container that your shipment is being moved in can have adverse effects on the cargo it is carrying. To ensure that your items are going to make it to their destination on time have a checklist of things to inspect prior to loading your cargo into a shipping container. Here are some ideas of things to have on that list and what to look for when inspecting them.
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Protect Your Cargo for Shipping

colorful shipping containers

Cargo that arrives at its destination in pieces, water logged, dented or scratched is the definition of an unsuccessful shipment. While most reputable shipping lines will insure your cargo, or at least pay for damages where they are liable, there are things you can do when shipping your items that will ensure a safe journey for them. Here are some general things to consider when packing your goods up to be shipped.
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Things to Consider with Overseas Shipments

overseas shipping

Shipping overseas is not like shipping domestically, or even shipping internationally over land. There are many more points to consider when shipping to a country overseas.

Proper planning and thought about the things you need will ensure your shipments arrive on time and where you need them to end up. It will also help you predict the proper costs to charge for shipping your items overseas. Take a minute to consider some of the things listed below before shipping overseas.
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How to Protect Antique Furniture When Shipping

Our custom crates have superior protection for shipping precious cargo safely.

Antiques are a piece of our history. While some can carry a strict monetary value, the antiques that have sentimental value that are truly irreplaceable.

When it comes time to move these treasured pieces, you want to ensure to protect them to their fullest extent. Some common sense and preparation can ensure that no matter where you are shipping your antiques, they will arrive unharmed.

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Shipping Antique Pottery or Porcelain: Make sure Your Pieces Arrive in One Piece

Antique handmade potteryWhether you are shipping an antique or porcelain piece because it was sold or if you are sending it to your new home, you want to be sure that it arrives in one piece.

Shipping can expose your antiques to all sorts of potential harm. Packing your objects properly can nearly eliminate the risk and ensure that your antiques or pottery arrive intact.

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Shipping Heavy Packages – Freight or Parcel?

Shipping containe being unloaded by overhead cranesThe internet has opened up the ability to sell items all over the world. In the not too distant past, the size of your item limited what you could sell on the internet; this is not the case anymore. Shipping heavy and oversize items is a daily occurrence in this global economy. You do not have to pay more for the shipping than you do for the item any longer.

There is a little more planning involved in shipping these items. There are additional rules that apply when shipping large or heavy items, and you will need to make some additional choices when it comes to how your item is going to be shipped.

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How Transloading Increases Efficiency

Transloading services can improve yourTransloading, or the process of transferring cargo between varying means of transportation from its source to its final destination, is becoming ever more popular in the industrial shipping industry with each passing day. This process covers products from stereos to dangerous chemicals, and can cover all kinds of transportation from rail to truck to airline to ocean liner.

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Keys to Selecting a Freight Carrier

Tips for choosing the right freight carrier for your company.In the shipping and supply chain, it’s important that you leverage just the right services to get your cargo from one place to the other. Making the wrong choices can create problems not only with a high cost and low efficiency supply chain, but can create communications issues, can see your cargo get damaged en route, or may simply create aggravation and headache when the shipping process is not functioning as you’d like. There are several things you should keep in mind when making the choice of a carrier for your goods, which will make sure that you will have a long and productive relationship.

Tips for Choosing The Right Freight Carrier

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Freight Forwarders are Vital to Supply Chain

Freight forwarding is a vital part of any successful company's supply chain.When you have cargo that needs to be moved from one place or another, as a company you have many options available. Whether you use a direct-shipping method, or coordinate multiple shipping types, you want to be sure you get the best efficiency for your money, saving both labor and time in your supply chain, while maintaining high-quality service to your customers. To this end, many companies leverage the services of freight forwarders to supplement their overall supply chain methods.

5 Reasons why Freight Forwarding is Vital to your Supply Chain

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Shipping Containers: Units and Designs

Shipping crates and containers come in all shapes and sizes for all manner of goods shipping. These containers form the heart and soul of the entire shipping industry. Trade and transport would be impossible without a broad variety of options for moving cargo. Choosing the proper shipping container for your cargo is vital to ensuring that the goods you are sending survive their trip in good condition.

Let’s examine several different types of shipping containers, and the purpose they serve.

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