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Knowing and Declaring the Correct Weight of Shipment

shipping container

Cargo costs are based on weight. Some might think it is a good idea to shave a pound off of the shipping weight here and there to save a few dollars. It can also be tempting to save some time by rounding the shipping weight instead of accurately computing it. However, not accurately reporting the shipping weight can lead to dire consequences for the shipment as well as the people handling the shipment.
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Stuck Shipping Container Doors: Should they be Forced Open?

loading docks

Would the thought of using a crow bar on your car door ever cross your mind? Probably not, even if it was stuck frozen shut on a cold winter morning. Quite often the solution used to open up a stuck shipping container door is to use the ‘brute force’ method to open it.
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Cargo Damage: Who is Responsible?


Cargo damage can happen during overseas shipments. If you are selling cargo to someone overseas, who is responsible when cargo damage occurs?

Unfortunately, there is no easy answer. Whether you are the buyer receiving goods or the seller exporting overseas, there are steps that can be taken to clear up the confusion should cargo damage occur.
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Shipping Containers Disassembled: What are the Parts of a Shipping Container – Part 2

blue shipping container

Shipping containers are what keep our cargo safe and moved easily when being shipped overseas. What makes up a shipping container? How can you tell if the container that you are using is going to stand up to the test of shipping?

Last time we touched on the overall assembly of the shipping container and a couple of the parts. Here are the rest of the components and what to look for to make sure that your shipping container is in good working condition.
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Shipping Containers Disassembled: What are the Parts of a Shipping Container – Part 1

inside of a shipping container

It might seem amazing that a box made of sheet metal and beams can hold so much weight and keep cargo safe during a long sea journey. While not overly complex, each part of the shipping container is an essential part in making sure that the shipping container is able to do its job.

Let us look at the components that make up a shipping container, and see what to look for to make sure they are in good working condition.
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