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Fun Shipping Container Concepts and Innovations of 2014

We know that a weekly blog about industrial packing and crating may not be the most exciting read for many of you out there, even for us industry folk. We can admit that at times our attempt at humor can come off drier than dry bulk cargo (see what we mean?). That’s why every once in awhile we like to take a departure from industry news and tips and dive into a few fun facts and tidbits as they relate to our business in a round about way. To spice things up this week we thought we’d focus on shipping containers and how in 2014 some amazing innovations are taking place that take the use of these containers to whole new levels. No, we’re not talking about a new way to stack pallets or brace piano shipments within them, we’re talking about concepts that are inspiring architects, designers, retailers, and artists to borrow our primary cargo carriers and transform them into something completely unique.

Amazing But True Shipping Container Concepts of 2014

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