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How to Protect Antique Furniture When Shipping

Our custom crates have superior protection for shipping precious cargo safely.

Antiques are a piece of our history. While some can carry a strict monetary value, the antiques that have sentimental value that are truly irreplaceable.

When it comes time to move these treasured pieces, you want to ensure to protect them to their fullest extent. Some common sense and preparation can ensure that no matter where you are shipping your antiques, they will arrive unharmed.

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Tips to Shipping Antique Furniture


The antique business has seen a big resurgence over the last few years. Whether it’s a cyclical pattern or simply the side effect of all of the antique and restoration television programs flooding our cable channels we welcome the result. Much of this business involves regular shipping of antique furniture overseas where supply must be imported/exported to meet demand in far away lands. In other circumstances collections travel for antique shows and the like. No matter the reason protection of these valuable treasures is imperative not only for financial reasons but also to preserve the legacy of furnishings that have stood the test of time. In today’s Cratex Group blog post we are providing antique furniture dealers, collectors, and curators with a few helpful tips to best prepare their wares for long distance shipping.

6 Tips to Follow When Shipping Antique Furniture Overseas

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