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What it Means to Serve the Busiest Shipping Port in Canada


While often shrouded in grey skies this port has the brightest future of all in Canada

In case you have just now come across our blog, and thus this website, it’s good to know that you’ve stumbled upon the online portal for quite possibly the busiest industrial packing and crating company in Canada. You see, Cratex Group services clients seeking to prepare their products, materials, and various industrial level wares for shipping from the ports of Greater Vancouver BC. The Port Of Vancouver and all surrounding receiving waterways combine to create the busiest port city in the entire country.

The Port of Vancouver itself, annually handles over 70 million tonnes of cargo on average, according to recent updates from Transport Canada. However in 2013 that number skyrocketed to 135 million tonnes. There are many reasons as to why our left coast waterways pack in more traffic than the L.A. 405 at rush hour. A peek at recent Cratex Group articles offers a hint.

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