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Record Breaking Cargo Demands End to Vancouver Port Strike


Port Cargo Peaks Around the Corner from Iconic Canada Place

2013 was a record breaking year for the country’s largest port which also owns the title as the busiest, with more traffic flowing in and out than any other in Canada. The Greater Vancouver import/export waterfront hub claimed 135 million tonnes of cargo handled last year. This figure included approximately 25 million tonnes of container held goods.

The rise in demand for Canadian products from Asian countries fueled this industry explosion in 2013. Canadian grain exports to Asia in particular skyrocketed to an all-time high, with early Bloomberg reports evidencing a near 19 million metric tons pushing through the supply chain of our Metro Vancouver port. While there are a slew of Canadian products and materials being demanded by these overseas nations the agricultural sector of the prairie provinces have what Asia wants most and they need to go through Vancouver ports to get it there. To put things in perspective, of Canada’s total grain production nearly half of it is being exported overseas and that all travels through our port.

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