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Things to Know about Pallets and Crates

Pallets and crates are there to protect and move your shipment. It can be very easy to gloss over their importance and think that it doesn’t really matter what materials or construction your industrial packing materials have. This can lead to damaged, broken or even completely lost shipments.

Here are some things that you should know about your pallets and crates before you send your shipment on its way. This information can help you decide if what you have is right for this shipment and affords enough protection for your shipment to arrive in one piece. Continue reading

Are Custom Pallets and Crates Really Necessary?

If you are shipping goods, you are going to need a container to get them where they are going. Since there are so many commercial solutions that can get the job done, is it really worth the extra money to have a custom crate built for the goods you are planning to ship? Here are some reasons you might want to consider having your shipment moved in a crate or on a pallet created specifically for it. Continue reading

Not all Pallets are Created Equal

Generally if you are shipping items “Less than Truckload” (LTL) then you will be using shipping pallets to do so. If you choose to use standard size pallets to ship your product, there is a little rule of which you may not be aware. Failing to follow this “65% rule” can cost you money. What is the 65% rule and how can it affect your LTL shipments? Let’s find out. Continue reading

Pallets: The Workhorses of Shipping

palletYou’ve seen them, but you may not have taken notice of them. Pallets are the workhorses of shipping. Without pallets you wouldn’t be able to move shipments around or hold your shipments together. If you are new to shipping, then read on to see what pallets can do for you and what kind of pallets are available for you to buy. Continue reading