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Knowing and Declaring the Correct Weight of Shipment

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Cargo costs are based on weight. Some might think it is a good idea to shave a pound off of the shipping weight here and there to save a few dollars. It can also be tempting to save some time by rounding the shipping weight instead of accurately computing it. However, not accurately reporting the shipping weight can lead to dire consequences for the shipment as well as the people handling the shipment.
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Choosing a Shipping Container

Detailed outline of how we select shipping containers.

Choosing the right shipping container is key to ensuring your shipment arrives safely and undamaged. There are a number of issues that have to be addressed when you choose your shipping container, and you should be careful to consider all salient points before moving forward. Let’s look at the important aspects of inspecting your shipping crates.

Steps for Selecting a Shipping Container for Shipment

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Why Consider a Third-Party Transloader

Benefits of adopting a Transloader shipping methodTransloading, or the use and coordination of two different means of transporting goods to get a shipment from its point of origin to final destination. This method is increasing in popularity amongst businesses who are looking for an ideal means to maximize the efficiency and value of their supply chain. As it catches on, more and more companies are beginning to wonder if—and why—they should use a transloader company for their services.

Advantages of adopting the Transloader method of shipping

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All About Transloading

At Cratex we can handle all of your transloading needs.
Transloading is an increasingly popular method of moving cargo from one location to another. It involves mixing different types of transportation modes, blending railway shipping with local trucking, airline, and/or waterborne methods, the needs of the customer are best served. This sort of shipping can be used for almost any type of bulk goods and commodities including fresh food and beverages as well as dry goods, tools, and other products.

Everything you Need to Know About Transloading

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