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More Shipping Terminology: Weights

Benefits of adopting a Transloader shipping method

When filling out shipping forms you might see line items for several different categories of weight. Not knowing which weight the form is asking for can lead to shipments being loaded onto a shipping line with a misdeclared weight. This could at the very least mean fines for you when the cargo is inspected at its departing or arrival at the shipyard. Worst case could mean a failure of your shipping container or even the total loss of the container off of a ship. Let’s look at the different weight terminology and see what the differences are.
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Shipping Environmentally Hazardous or Dangerous Goods

Tips for Shipping hazardous materials.

Occasionally in the course of your business you may find the need to ship items that may be deemed environmentally dangerous. Special care must be taken in order to ensure that these items not only arrive intact, but that during the course of their transport they do not cause any harm to the transport vehicle, its operator or the other cargo being shipped along with them.

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Shipping Heavy Packages – Freight or Parcel?

Shipping containe being unloaded by overhead cranesThe internet has opened up the ability to sell items all over the world. In the not too distant past, the size of your item limited what you could sell on the internet; this is not the case anymore. Shipping heavy and oversize items is a daily occurrence in this global economy. You do not have to pay more for the shipping than you do for the item any longer.

There is a little more planning involved in shipping these items. There are additional rules that apply when shipping large or heavy items, and you will need to make some additional choices when it comes to how your item is going to be shipped.

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Industrial Shipping Tips

industrial harborImproper packaging of materials during shipping can result in loss of product inventory due to damage and replacement. This can place a financial burden on the industrial shipping chain. Even worse, when cargo arrives damaged it can harm the relationship between the shipper and receiver. This can be even worse than the cost of replacing an item.

Choosing the right options and methods when you prepare your cargo for shipping can mitigate these issues greatly. This can result in a smoother process all around and may cost a bit more up front, but will save a lot of money in the long run.

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How to Select the Proper Corrosion Inhibitor

metal gearsProtecting your expensive equipment from damage during shipping or storage is a major priority. Any equipment made of metal or steel can fall prey to damage from corrosion. Damages that might occur can impact equipment performance or even force costly replacement of equipment, well before its normal end of life.

Fortunately, there are a multitude of products that can help you protect your industrial equipment from corrosion. How do you choose the right one?

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Freight Forwarders are Vital to Supply Chain

Freight forwarding is a vital part of any successful company's supply chain.When you have cargo that needs to be moved from one place or another, as a company you have many options available. Whether you use a direct-shipping method, or coordinate multiple shipping types, you want to be sure you get the best efficiency for your money, saving both labor and time in your supply chain, while maintaining high-quality service to your customers. To this end, many companies leverage the services of freight forwarders to supplement their overall supply chain methods.

5 Reasons why Freight Forwarding is Vital to your Supply Chain

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Shipping Containers: Units and Designs

Shipping crates and containers come in all shapes and sizes for all manner of goods shipping. These containers form the heart and soul of the entire shipping industry. Trade and transport would be impossible without a broad variety of options for moving cargo. Choosing the proper shipping container for your cargo is vital to ensuring that the goods you are sending survive their trip in good condition.

Let’s examine several different types of shipping containers, and the purpose they serve.

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The Benefits of Industrial Packing and Shipping Services

We specialize in packing industrial equipment

The steady growth of globalization has proven to be a boon for industrial packing and shipping companies across the globe. Not only is it safe and reliable to hire the services of a packing and shipping company, but clients can benefit in numerous other ways too. Some of the additional advantages of professional packing and shipping services are presented below:

The Many Advantages of Using Industrial Packing and Shipping Services 

  • Individualized Packaging – Because there is no one-stop packing solution for all kinds of commodities, an advantage of professional packing is the option of getting one’s cargo packed according to its individual requirements. Individualized packaging therefore involves the use of specialized packaging techniques which are done according to the specific weight, size, nature as well as the shape of the cargo.
  • Custom Crating Services – Another great aspect of industrial packing is that crates can be completely customized and built to suit the transportation needs of businesses. This is why clients can choose from a variety of customized options including crating services for transporting heavy and bulky cargo, furniture, clothes, fine art, and supplies.
  • A-Z Safety – From the moment cargo is handed over for packing until the moment it is delivered to its desired destination, industrial packing and shipping services offer clients the benefit of assurance. This is achieved by making sure that all aspects of packing are carried out in the most careful manner in order to completely protect the goods from any damage during transportation.
  • Environmental Protection – When it comes to ensuring that overseas as well as local shipments are delivered in their original condition, hiring a professional shipping company can save a lot of time, money and unnecessary stress. Whether cargo is being shipped internationally by road, rail, air, or sea, a large number of environmental factors such as wind, rain, storms, and moisture can wreak havoc on them. This is a consequence that can be shattering to clients, but this can be easily avoided by getting them packed and shipped using techniques like shrink wrapping and various corrosion inhibiting products.

From providing the very best of packing solutions to complying with the highest standards of transportation, Cratex has become the preferred choice for business and companies when it comes to handling cargo safely, efficiently and cost effectively. For a whole range of unparalleled industrial packing and shipping solutions please contact us.