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Fun Shipping Container Concepts and Innovations of 2014

We know that a weekly blog about industrial packing and crating may not be the most exciting read for many of you out there, even for us industry folk. We can admit that at times our attempt at humor can come off drier than dry bulk cargo (see what we mean?). That’s why every once in awhile we like to take a departure from industry news and tips and dive into a few fun facts and tidbits as they relate to our business in a round about way. To spice things up this week we thought we’d focus on shipping containers and how in 2014 some amazing innovations are taking place that take the use of these containers to whole new levels. No, we’re not talking about a new way to stack pallets or brace piano shipments within them, we’re talking about concepts that are inspiring architects, designers, retailers, and artists to borrow our primary cargo carriers and transform them into something completely unique.

Amazing But True Shipping Container Concepts of 2014

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How to Ship an ATV Overseas


image edited from wikimedia

Last month our industrial packing and crating blog delivered our readers and shipping information researchers with insight into the preparation process for shipping jet-skis. The popularity of that article sparked another piece that answers a commonly posed question for sending recreational vehicles abroad – how to ship an ATV (quad, etc…) overseas. The demand of these all-terrain wheelers in various nations across the world has apt businesses shipping new and refurbished ATVs alike to port cities scattered about the map. With Port Metro Vancouver being the epicenter of exporting in Canada Cratex Group is well versed in the practice and is thus able to provide those of you with interests in shipping ATVs with some helpful advice.

5 Tips to Shipping an ATV Overseas

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How to Ship a Jet Ski Overseas


Interesting topic right? Who doesn’t love a hot sunny day out on the water on a jet-ski? That’s why this question is often posed online by both buyers and sellers of this sea skipping recreational vehicle. That is also why individuals, tour companies, travel activity providers, and resort properties all across the warm climates of the world are in demand of jet-skis. If you happen to be in the position of selling and/or shipping the recreational vehicle/s for the first time, then you likely need some guidance, which is why you found this article here today. Proceed, for the answer you are looking for.

5 Tips to Shipping a Jet Ski Overseas

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What it Means to Serve the Busiest Shipping Port in Canada


While often shrouded in grey skies this port has the brightest future of all in Canada

In case you have just now come across our blog, and thus this website, it’s good to know that you’ve stumbled upon the online portal for quite possibly the busiest industrial packing and crating company in Canada. You see, Cratex Group services clients seeking to prepare their products, materials, and various industrial level wares for shipping from the ports of Greater Vancouver BC. The Port Of Vancouver and all surrounding receiving waterways combine to create the busiest port city in the entire country.

The Port of Vancouver itself, annually handles over 70 million tonnes of cargo on average, according to recent updates from Transport Canada. However in 2013 that number skyrocketed to 135 million tonnes. There are many reasons as to why our left coast waterways pack in more traffic than the L.A. 405 at rush hour. A peek at recent Cratex Group articles offers a hint.

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Tips to Shipping from Canada to Australia

imageedited from commons wikimedia

Does an article about shipping overseas from Canada (Greater Vancouver Ports) to Australia seem a little random? Not at all. In fact recent statistics state that well over 1 billion dollars ($1,178,312,943 to be exact) worth of product/merchandise was exported from Canada to Australia in 2013 alone. Sure Canada also imports quite a bit from Australia as well, with over 11% of these imports falling under the “beverages and spirits…” category – Foster’s Lager anyone? The point being, is that Canada’s resource and manufacturing sectors are in demand all across the world and as an industrial packing and crating company serving our west coast ports it is important to provide our current and prospective clients with insight into the exporting process as it relates to their business. In today’s blog post, Cratex Group provides some helpful insight for those of you shipping cargo overseas to Australia.

What You Need to Know When Shipping to Australia

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Tips to Shipping Classic Cars


Cratex Group put together an article providing advice on shipping automobiles overseas a few months ago. While much of that article also applies to the one before you today, there are differences when it comes to cars of the classic/vintage variety. Last week the International Auto Show graced the Vancouver Convention Centre near one of the ports where our industrial packing and crating company has been known to service clients. One walk over to Hagerty’s Classic Alley evidenced the reason extra special care needs to be taken when shipping a vintage vehicle overseas. The ’51 Mercury pictured above was the star of the show – can you imagine shipping such a beauty on a long ocean voyage without ensuring that it is protected from bumper to bumper?

In the spirit of protecting these four wheeled treasures we have compiled a list of tips for those of you shipping classic cars overseas for business or for a personal collection.

5 Tips to Shipping Classic Cars Overseas

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Record Breaking Cargo Demands End to Vancouver Port Strike


Port Cargo Peaks Around the Corner from Iconic Canada Place

2013 was a record breaking year for the country’s largest port which also owns the title as the busiest, with more traffic flowing in and out than any other in Canada. The Greater Vancouver import/export waterfront hub claimed 135 million tonnes of cargo handled last year. This figure included approximately 25 million tonnes of container held goods.

The rise in demand for Canadian products from Asian countries fueled this industry explosion in 2013. Canadian grain exports to Asia in particular skyrocketed to an all-time high, with early Bloomberg reports evidencing a near 19 million metric tons pushing through the supply chain of our Metro Vancouver port. While there are a slew of Canadian products and materials being demanded by these overseas nations the agricultural sector of the prairie provinces have what Asia wants most and they need to go through Vancouver ports to get it there. To put things in perspective, of Canada’s total grain production nearly half of it is being exported overseas and that all travels through our port.

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Eco-Friendly Shipping News – The LNG Solution


Green shipping is the wave of the industry’s future

Readers of our industrial packing and crating blog are predominantly made of up of corporate and organizational figureheads seeking solutions for their shipping preparation needs. Many of you have adopted mandates to become more environmentally conscious as your customer base demands it more and more with each passing year. As an eco-friendly corporation/organization you seek energy efficient alternatives for all aspects of your business. This includes your overseas shipping needs.

There is no question that large scale cargo carriers that travel along the international shipping lanes have a direct and significant impact on the environment as their fuel burns with each nautical mile. Now you, as a business, likely have no other option for shipping your products/materials overseas than aboard these carriers. However when you have decreed to be more environmentally responsible it puts you in a bit of a conundrum. You need to transport your goods, but doing so feels contrary to your eco-mandate. For most of you, your load on a cargo ship likely consists of a container or two on a massive vessel that holds hundreds of others. What say do you have in demanding that the shipping company comply above and beyond the existing limited regulations?

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Shipping Containers Still Get Where They’re Going

imageIf it leaves here with our help, it gets there…

If you’ve seen the recent critically acclaimed movie All is Lost, starring the weathered Robert Redford, you’ll recall the awakening moment at the beginning of the film. Our protagonist’s sail boat slams into an adrift shipping container, setting in motion a series of events that consume the next 90 minutes of your life, or 8 days on the cinematic sea for Mr. Redford.

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Tips to Shipping Antique Furniture


The antique business has seen a big resurgence over the last few years. Whether it’s a cyclical pattern or simply the side effect of all of the antique and restoration television programs flooding our cable channels we welcome the result. Much of this business involves regular shipping of antique furniture overseas where supply must be imported/exported to meet demand in far away lands. In other circumstances collections travel for antique shows and the like. No matter the reason protection of these valuable treasures is imperative not only for financial reasons but also to preserve the legacy of furnishings that have stood the test of time. In today’s Cratex Group blog post we are providing antique furniture dealers, collectors, and curators with a few helpful tips to best prepare their wares for long distance shipping.

6 Tips to Follow When Shipping Antique Furniture Overseas

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