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How to Handle Damaged Freight

As much as we don’t like to admit it, damage is part of the world of freight. The more you ship, the more risk there is that something you might send arrives damaged. So what should you do when you receive freight, and more importantly, what should you do about damaged freight? Here are some things to keep in mind when using any type of freight service to move your goods, or when you are receiving in freight that may have become damaged during transit. Continue reading

Using LTL Freight in Residential Areas

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Choosing a method to ship your freight gets complicated when you are picking up or dropping off in a residential area. Small carriers (FedEx for example) are set up to be able to deliver single or small packages to residences, but what if you need something slightly larger. That is what Less than Truckload (LTL) freight carriers are for, right?

Well, before you go hiring an LTL carrier for a residential pickup or delivery, keep in mind some of these small details that may make it more complicated than you had originally thought.

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Tracking Your Freight Shipment

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So you have your shipment all ready to go, the freight carrier has picked it up and you have no idea where it is until you get a frantic phone call from the receiver saying it has yet to arrive. That is probably not the best way to go about tracking your freight shipment.

The Information Age gives us several tools in order to be able to track your shipment via freight carrier. Some are sophisticated enough to let you know exactly where your shipment is at within an hour or so of accuracy. Let’s look at some of the tools available to you once your freight shipment is on its way.

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What Should You Know Before Shopping for Freight Carriers

shipping goods in a factory So you have a large amount of freight you need to move. It is time to start shopping for freight carriers. In order to get the best results when shopping around, there is some common information that all carriers are going to ask you. Having that information on hand and ready to go when they ask for it will make your shopping and selection process goes much more smoothly. Here is the list of things you should have on hand before you contact shipping lines to move your freight.

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Distressed Freight and Distressed Cargo

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When shipping items overseas to a buyer, there are quite a few terms that are involved that are similar and downright confusing. You may have been informed by your freight forwarder or your shipping line that your cargo has become distressed cargo. What does that mean and what can you do about it? Is distressed cargo the same as distressed freight? Let’s find out.

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Why Consider a Third-Party Transloader

Benefits of adopting a Transloader shipping methodTransloading, or the use and coordination of two different means of transporting goods to get a shipment from its point of origin to final destination. This method is increasing in popularity amongst businesses who are looking for an ideal means to maximize the efficiency and value of their supply chain. As it catches on, more and more companies are beginning to wonder if—and why—they should use a transloader company for their services.

Advantages of adopting the Transloader method of shipping

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