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Shipping Packing Checklist


You take the time to box up and get your shipment ready to be moved out to its destination, but when the shipping line shows up to load your cargo do you take the time to inspect what it is being loaded into?

The condition of the container that your shipment is being moved in can have adverse effects on the cargo it is carrying. To ensure that your items are going to make it to their destination on time have a checklist of things to inspect prior to loading your cargo into a shipping container. Here are some ideas of things to have on that list and what to look for when inspecting them.
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Fine art shipping: tips to help protect your investment


Shipping art requires special skills. Sculptures add a level of complexity to the process due to their odd sizes, shapes and weights. Depending on what the sculpture is made of, it can be very fragile and break easily. In order to ship sculptures properly, care must be taken in the packaging and crating to ensure that your sculpture arrives unharmed at its destination.

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Packing Shipping Crates When Transporting Fine Art

We provide fine art packing and shipping services.Current estimates are up to $1 billion in appraised value of insured art that will be packed into containers and sent off to various locations all over the world every year. These pieces of fine art are, without fail, fragile and easily damaged, and even the slightest damage to a piece of art can severely impact its value.

Damage to Artwork
When someone ships a valuable piece of artwork and it arrives damaged, this is heartbreaking to both the shipper and receiver, not only in financial terms, but as a loss of a piece of art to the world. Transporting these paintings, sculptures and other forms of art requires special care and consideration to protect against damage. It doesn’t matter if the artwork is a valuable Picasso or a painting from an up-and-coming local artist—all art deserves protection from damage.

Protection During Shipping
There are certain considerations that have to be taken into account when protecting artwork against the elements during shipping.

  • Abrasion: Paintings, especially, have to be protected against abrasion and friction with shipping crates using acid-free tissue, polyethylene foam, or simple bubble wrap are ideal materials for defense against abrasion.
  • Moisture: Moisture is the arch enemy of fine art, whether it’s ceramics, pottery, wood, or painting. Oil paintings, in particular, are vulnerable to pigment shifts from moisture that can change the entire appearance of the painting. Be sure to use materials that provide a barrier against moisture as the first line of defense.
  • Impact: Securing and bracing the art against a stable base to protect from shock and bouncing around is vital to ensuring that it will reach its destination intact. Make sure that you use a cradle or exceptionally strong crate with handles and skids for strong transport. Adding an additional crate inside the main crate will provide an additional layer of protection, and be sure to use recessed fasteners and closures to avoid breakage during shipping.
  • Theft and Damage: Insurance is vital to transporting valuable art. If your art is damaged, lost, or stolen while in transit, the proper insurance will make sure that you are at least compensated for your loss. Insurance premiums will be based on an assessment of the art’s value as well as any risk associated with the shipping company, so be sure that the shipper is experienced and reputable before agreeing to the deal.

Qualified Shipping Services
Be sure to select a shipping service that is reputable, experienced and qualified when transporting and packaging fine art. This will help to minimize accidents and ensure that your valuable and fragile artwork will reach its destination safe, secure, and undamaged.

The proper use of packing equipment and well-designed crating materials is vital to the shipping process. If you are thinking of transporting valuable artwork, whether it’s a carving, sculpture, drawing, painting or other form of fine art, give us a call. We have the perfect shipping and crating materials for any kind of package you need to ship.

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Vancouver Industrial Packing Perfect for Overseas Shipping of Antiques, Art & Artifacts

Fine Art Packing - Cratex Industrial Packing and Shipping

A recent exhibit that graced the end of summer in our city sparked this recent blog edition from our Vancouver Industrial Packing and Crating blog. The exhibit was titled Paradise Lost, put on by the University of British Columbia’s Museum of Anthropology. The show curated works from across the Pacific Ocean, collecting artisan crafted masterpieces from the regional likes of Fiji, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, Samoa, Solomon Islands, and Vanuatu. Some of the items were small, some were large, but all of them relatively priceless.

One of Cratex’s contributors was casually on hand for the exhibit and sparked up a conversation with one of the Museum’s representatives, making small talk over the logistics involved in curating such an expansive collection. The extremely sensitive nature of the exhibit, and any like it, makes putting together these frequent (for museums, galleries, etc.) affairs quite the challenge. The representative recounted stories that they had heard about organizations similar to theirs that had secured the services of certain shipping companies without performing their due diligence ahead of time. Every once in an unfortunate while works of art, antiques, and other items of deep inherent value did not make the trip in one piece. It goes without saying that in an industry such as theirs such a thing is not only unacceptable, it’s a downright travesty. We don’t even want to imagine the years of bad luck that could come from finding a shattered statue that was crafted by a shaman hundreds (or thousands) of years ago, for those that are superstitious.

We handed the representative a card and went on to enjoy the affair. Which brings us to today’s blog entry. Vancouver is a city deeply rooted in arts and culture. The public demands access to works that convey this attribute and because of this galleries, museums, and private collectors alike are constantly curating works from all over the world. Some of it comes from close by near Haida Gwaii in BC while other items cross continents and oceans to come to our shores. We know this well because Cratex is the most reputable industrial packing, crating, and shipping company in Vancouver and on the west coast of Canada. While our name may incite visions of industrial supplies and goods we in fact also renowned for our handling of sensitive items such as antiques, art, and artifacts. Our practices for packing, crating, shrink wrapping, and shipping ensure that no matter how delicate the works it will arrive at its destination as perfect as it was when it left its initial home.

If you represent the interests of a collector or organization applicable to the topic addressed in today’s blog please do not hesitate to contact Cratex Industrial Packing Ltd today. The world needs to ensure that these works of art maintain through the next millennia and we’re here to do our small part.