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Eco-Friendly Shipping News – The LNG Solution


Green shipping is the wave of the industry’s future

Readers of our industrial packing and crating blog are predominantly made of up of corporate and organizational figureheads seeking solutions for their shipping preparation needs. Many of you have adopted mandates to become more environmentally conscious as your customer base demands it more and more with each passing year. As an eco-friendly corporation/organization you seek energy efficient alternatives for all aspects of your business. This includes your overseas shipping needs.

There is no question that large scale cargo carriers that travel along the international shipping lanes have a direct and significant impact on the environment as their fuel burns with each nautical mile. Now you, as a business, likely have no other option for shipping your products/materials overseas than aboard these carriers. However when you have decreed to be more environmentally responsible it puts you in a bit of a conundrum. You need to transport your goods, but doing so feels contrary to your eco-mandate. For most of you, your load on a cargo ship likely consists of a container or two on a massive vessel that holds hundreds of others. What say do you have in demanding that the shipping company comply above and beyond the existing limited regulations?

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