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The Basics of Flexitanks

heavy shipping container

So you need to ship a liquid but do not want the hassle of shipping it via tanker cars? Well then a flexitank might be right up your alley. Flexitanks are a new shipping technology for shipping non-regulated liquids that can fit inside of a standard 20’ shipping container.

They are not yet approved for shipping hazardous or regulated liquids, so make sure to keep that in mind. Here are the basics of just what a flexitank is and things to consider if you are going to use one.
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Shipping Antique Pottery or Porcelain: Make sure Your Pieces Arrive in One Piece

Antique handmade potteryWhether you are shipping an antique or porcelain piece because it was sold or if you are sending it to your new home, you want to be sure that it arrives in one piece.

Shipping can expose your antiques to all sorts of potential harm. Packing your objects properly can nearly eliminate the risk and ensure that your antiques or pottery arrive intact.

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The role of Delivery Orders in the shipping and delivery chain

cargo ship at port for unloadingDelivery Orders are of major importance in the cargo shipping chain, and are issued by the carrier to make sure that the cargo is released to the receiver as agreed upon in the bill of lading. They are documents that handle the separation of the cargo and the carrier, the all-important end point of the shipping process.

Documenting the separation of the cargo and the carrier

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Why Consider a Third-Party Transloader

Benefits of adopting a Transloader shipping methodTransloading, or the use and coordination of two different means of transporting goods to get a shipment from its point of origin to final destination. This method is increasing in popularity amongst businesses who are looking for an ideal means to maximize the efficiency and value of their supply chain. As it catches on, more and more companies are beginning to wonder if—and why—they should use a transloader company for their services.

Advantages of adopting the Transloader method of shipping

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Customized Crating Services to Meet Diverse Shipping Requirements

Crating Services in Vancouver

When you are looking for reliable packaging and shipping options in order to ensure for safe transit and delivery of your cargo, it is always highly recommended to opt for customized crating services.  Custom made crates are made from certified lumber and are specifically built to suit the diverse shipping requirements of different goods and merchandise. As these types of crates conform to the highest of manufacturing standards, you can be rest assured that your shipment will arrive completely safe upon delivery.

Ensure Complete Cargo Safety with Customized Crates

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